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17 Day Diet Questions and Answers


Is the 17 Day Diet safe?

The easy answer is yes! The 17 day diet was developed by Dr. Mike Moreno, a family physician out of California.  He originally designed it to help people to prevent weight gain or lose any extra pounds gained during the holidays but quickly realized that it actually helped people lose weight and keep it off. Anytime you start a new weight loss program it is important that you consult with a physician before starting especially if you have any medical conditions such as diabetes.

What foods can I eat while on the diet?

This diet mainly focuses on lean proteins, veggies, and fruits.  After the first 17 day cycle, some natural starchy foods are added.  For a complete list of all the approved foods for each cycle visit the 17 day diet approved foods page.

Will I need to exercise while on the 17 Day Diet?

Yes.  For the first 2 cycles, you have minimal exercise, about 17 minutes every day.  As soon as you get to the 3rd cycle you should increase daily exercise to 45 – 60 minutes.  Although this weight loss program is not heavily focused on exercise it is still important to lose weight, keep it off and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Learn more at

How many pounds will I lose on this diet?

Of course the answer to this question varies for each individual due to the fact that everyone’s body will react differently.  But most people typically lose anywhere from 10 – 20 lbs. within the 1st cycle (17 days).

How many calories per day will I consume while on this diet?

For the first cycle of the 17 day diet you will consume about 1,200 calories per day.  Once you go to the 2nd cycle, on day 18, you will jump up to 1,500 calories per day.  Cycles 3 and 4 will increase the amount of calories per day even further.

Is drinking alcohol allowed while on the diet?

Not for the first 2 cycles of the diet.

 If I am diabetic can I still do the 17 Day Diet?

Dr. Mike Moreno, creator of this diet, has said that those with type 1 diabetes should not participate in the 17 day diet.  If you have any special needs or medical conditions it is best to speak with your physician before starting any new diet.

If I am a vegetarian can I participate in this diet?

Yes.  Lacto-vegetarians should limit protein to dairy products, eggs, beans and legumes according to the cycle you are on. Those who don’t eat red meat but eat chicken and/or fish can follow as normal and substitute red meat for chicken or fish. Vegans need to use meat substitutes and take a probiotic supplement instead of yogurt.

Can I go on this diet if I am pregnant?

No.  It is suggested that if you are pregnant or lactating you should not participate in this diet.

How much water should I drink daily while on this diet?

Ideally, you want to drink about 8 8-ounce glasses of water per day. This is in addition to your hot lemon water and green tea throughout the day.

Will I be able to drink coffee or tea while on the diet?

Green tea has metabolic boosting properties and is recommended as part of the plan and drunk with every meal. Coffee is also permitted at no more than three to four cups per day.