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What Is Androstenedione Pheromone


There's a lot of falsehoods floating out there about pheromones and most of which has been pushed by the media. I personally don't know why they would push these falsehoods and myths and stuff like that. It really doesn't make sense what industry would be threatened by something like pheromones.

However, there is a lot of negative media on pheromones.  The true information to be learned can be found through forums like Pherotruth where you'll actually get reports from other users on what the pheromones are actually doing. 


Androstenedione is actually very commonly used and you'll find information about it all over the web. So here are some tips on using this pheromone. Start with a low amount and work your way up. This is something that is very commonly stated and suggested on any pheromone product. Start low, work your way up, and use a small amount. Use that same amount for two to three days and observe the effects. 

Then slowly start increasing the amount that you take and take notes on that as well. And then finally bathe yourself in it and see if that works. Usually, it ends up in overdose or ghosting, but you won't know what level that is for you until you try it and find out. Most importantly, have fun. 

Pheromones are all about improving the overall quality of your life. Don't lust for the results. They are not a magic pill and they are not the be all end all of all my problems ever. Instead, they are an assistant in improving the quality of your life. They are not a magic potion. There are many different pheromone types according to

What is the Best Pheromone with Androstenedione?

Pheromone XS is a flagship pheromone product that contains androstenedione and it's touted as being a friend zone buster. Now, something that isn't necessarily considered to be possible in our regular socializing life is to get out of the friend zone when it comes to what comes to women. But apparently this pheromone has a few properties in it that allow that to work and I can attest to that. 

I do believe that it is very good at breaking the friend zone and my experience is solely based on the pheromone oil. They last a very long time, it's very concentrated and they get the job done.

It's a good product but it's also used for, besides breaking out of the friend zone, is to elevate your status. But mostly what it does is it gives you the vibe that you're the perfect boyfriend. Now it's interesting molecule. It's got a few different compounds in it, namely Androsterone.

Pheromone Effects

So the self-effects are the effects that I get a few minutes after applying. Considering it's an oil, it takes just a few minutes for the full effects to actually be felt. Now the feeling that I get is very different than status pheromones. The feeling that I get is more of like comfort, ease, and I want to say just cool collected confidence. Whereas there are products that are alpha pheromones that have strong leadership status. While there is some status to it, it doesn't give me that powerful feeling. Learn more at


Now the dosages that I've used have been insane. I've used four to five drops at one point at one time and that did not experience any ghosting whatsoever. So that means that the pheromone ratios used to make this blend are very good. There is no overdosing, and there's no ghosting effect that I've noticed. The attention that I was getting was just through the roof.