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Are You Interested in Hypnotherapy Certification?


Whether you're looking for information on a particular problem, or are just interested in hypnotherapy in general, then you've come to the right place. I'm an accredited hypnotherapy practitioner from The American Hypnosis Wellness Institute
and I'm also a professional supporter/supervisor.

I've amassed thousands of client hours successfully treating people using Pure Hypnoanalysis, which is a specialist form of analytical hypnotherapy. I provide specialist help for anxiety-based problems and emotional issues, with my own particular area of expertise being in the fields of social anxiety, general anxiety, confidence, and vaginismus.

Can Hypnotherapy Certification Help Me?

... Almost certainly yes!

Hypnotherapy, particularly hypnoanalysis (analytical hypnotherapy), helps the vast majority of people that complete the therapy. Virtually all of them have said how very different they feel about things and about how wonderful they feel and how glad they are that they did it.

Which kind of hypnotherapy is the best one to use?

As there are two main types of hypnotherapy (suggestion and hypnoanalysis (analytical hypnotherapy)) and as both are very different forms of hypnotherapy, deciding on which would be best is done with the initial consultation (see below). Having said that, consultations for giving up smoking using a single-session approach, and so do not normally require an initial consultation, but these are really an exception. Learn more about hypnotherapy accreditation

It's also worth mentioning that most people can use this therapy and that there are only a few people who shouldn't really use it. They are people with a mental impairment, very young children and people who have an alteration of brain function due to alcohol or drugs. Apart from that, the vast majority of people can use treatment with hypnosis perfectly fine. In fact, it's considered one of the best methods to use for getting to the bottom of psychological, emotional and anxiety-driven problems.

American Hypnosis Wellness Institute Course Program

Included with the course material you will have the opportunity to attend local hands-on training classes. The classes are normally scheduled Saturdays and meet from 9 am to 5 pm. You will have the opportunity to practice all your newly learned skills. These classes are to ensure you are confident in your ability as a Hypnotherapist as well as skilled in how to market and promote your new hypnotherapy practice.

Students are allocated 40 hours of hands-on training time that is included in the Local Hypnotherapy Certification Course. These practicums are designed to ensure the students get the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills and become adept at hypnotherapy and hypnosis.

Just a few of the topics discussed or demonstrated in class by the instructor, other students or multimedia might include weight loss, stop smoking, habit elimination (such as nail biting), age regression, stress management, self confidence, various inductions, deepeners, guided imagery, NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Elman Hypnosis, Traditional and Transpersonal hypnosis, New Age Hypnosis, Metaphysical, PLR and much, much more.