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How Human Pheromones Affect Us

You might have thought that love potions were a farce but if those love potions have chemical pheromones as an ingredient, it may not be the farce that you think it is.


Testosterone is one of the few pheromones that attract both men and women. Fragrances that are created to unite people are usually made out of synthetic pheromones like androstenol, the female pheromone, and its counterpart, androstenone, the male pheromone. When you need a little help to get a date, wearing this type of fragrance will help your fling instantly be interested in you.

Once this fragrance travels up the nostrils it triggers the brain. The brain instantly reacts to the pheromones and creates not only a behavioral attraction but also a physiological attraction. If this attraction is strong enough, then you can expect to have a great night with the person in question. 

Even if you just wear it to work every day, you are likely to impress a few co-workers. It is funny how just the simplest additions can help to affect human behavior in your favor. Using a pheromone is that additional touch needed to snag a date. Just like wearing high heels instead of flats or using gel to style your hair instead of just combing it out, using pheromones can be that detail that helps you greatly in your favor. Likewise, you can have a great dinner date, but by lighting a pheromone candle, you might be able to turn that dinner date into something more.

Pheromone Observations

You can find pheromones in a variety of forms which will help you to attract someone of the opposite sex. It is your decision as to how you won’t get the person you are interested in to be attracted to you.

You should realize that you should have a set of dating skills to back up your pheromones. You might have this person eating out of the palm of your hand because of the pheromones but if you don’t know how to flirt and pick this person up, then you won’t be able to advance much in your relationship. You can feel relaxed knowing that you will be able to pick someone up by using pheromones but make sure that you have the dating skills to seal the deal.

Make Women Fall In Love With Pheromones

Let us talk about pheromones. Can you make women melt so that every time she sees or comes near you, that she just melts each and every time? That kind of feeling for a man is the best feeling that any man can have. The feeling of being wanted and attracted by women is one of the most wonderful experiences to ever feel in this life. Imagine walking around and women all around you literally melt in your presence. Have you ever had this happen to you?

This is why I personally use the scent of attraction to benefit me when I am out on a date or restaurant. They are called pheromones. Did you know that more and more men these days are strategically using pheromones to increase their attraction and sex appeal when faced with women? This is how women’s heart’s melt in front of men. Learn more at

My Experience With Pheromones

I have had my share of experiences when it comes to attracting beautiful and exciting women near me. I always love to leave them in anticipation for more, all the while knowing that it was my pheromone cologne that enticed them to want more of me. The dating world and social scenes are forever changing and the competition out there when it comes to dating is getting hard each and every day.

The strategic use of a pheromone cologne plays very well to your advantage if you know how to reply use it well. Usually, just one spray work for about 8-10 hours and this is more than enough time to get what you need out of an experience from a night out. 


Three friends of mine agreed to wear some Pherazone pheromone cologne for a casual experiment. They were to go to a local bar on Saturday and try their luck with the ladies. Plain and simple… However, first I wanted them to go to the bar Friday night and try their luck — without the help of Pherazone.

They were also all instructed not to have more than 2 drinks so that alcohol couldn’t play too big a role. So, Friday night they went out and tested their lady hunting skills. Since this test can be a bit embarrassing, I will call them Larry, Moe, and Curly and not use their real names.

Their reports from Friday night were pretty typical. Some nice conversations with the opposite sex… Sitting, talking, having a couple drinks. Nothing out of the ordinary. The three stooges even got up and “sang” some karaoke. EECH! Glad I missed that! They got zero phone numbers and had no “fun” that extended beyond the communications they had at the bar. I should also make it clear that this is a bar and not a nightclub. So there is rarely and bumping-and-grinding going on on the scene.

Same bar, same time, same three guys… Same result. Although all three of the guys reported feeling more confident knowing they were wearing the pheromones, they did not notice any difference. Some nice conversations, some flirting, no numbers, no hot-action… Not even any karaoke – which I think alone should have helped! The guys (especially Moe) were a bit disappointed but I reminded them that just the little flirting they did would be considered a “hit” by most pheromone standards. They were not impressed.


Pheromone odor is seen as a Proustian experience, and, unlike visual experience, we cannot as readily bring back odor sensation from memory storage without external aids (Engen, 1982). It is more than coincidence that memory of our sexual experiences suffers from similar limitations that call upon us to repeat the experience resulting in an addictive phenomenon that is only poorly satisfied by memory. Learn more at