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Male Extra Penis Pills - Do They Work?


Male Extra

I have been in the market for a male enchantment product for a while now. Although I never experienced erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or any other sexual performance related issue, I wanted to enhance my performance in bed and maybe gain some length and girth.

I tried most conventional products and exercises, but most of them either didn’t deliver at all or were too expensive, too unreliable or just not worth it. Fortunately for me, I tried Male Extra after reading some user reports on the internet. Since then, I looked no further, and neither should you. After using it for 3 months, I’m happy to say that Male Extra is the best product designed for penile enlargement on the market.

Why Male Extra Worked For Men

The reason Male Extra works so well and delivers more than impressive results consistently is its unique formula. Each pill of Male Extra contains several natural products, most important of which is certainly pomegranate ellagic acid.

The overall amount of highly effective natural substances in MaleExtra is 1500 mg – a truly massive amount, and what’s best, 70% of it is pomegranate ellagic acid! In comparison, most other male enhancement and enlargement pills contain a paltry 500 mg of ingredients, and none of them has any pomegranate extract at all.

There’s been a lot of talk about pomegranate ellagic acid and it’s beneficial effects on penis size and performance. If you don’t already know, pomegranate ellagic acid is a naturally occurring substance extracted from the fruit of Punica Granatum shrub.

Punica Granatum has been known to be able to enhance your sexual size and potential for generations, and recent scientific studies have confirmed and further extended our knowledge on the subject.

Suffice to say, pomegranate ellagic acid has been described as “nature’s Viagra” by countless users and medical professionals worldwide. Learn more at

All-Natural Formula

Besides possessing 70% of pomegranate ellagic in a massive 1500 mg serving, Male Extra pills are unique and superior to competition when it comes to the speed at which the results are achieved. Male Extra starts working it’s magic incredibly fast – in fact, you could almost call its effects instant.

This makes Male Extra the fastest product ever to be designed to help men achieve longer, stronger erections. Another unique benefit of Male Extra pill that clearly distinguishes it from the competition is the accompanying penile exercise system called PenisHealth. PenisHealth has been widely popular on its own because it’s the only exercise system that guarantees real, measurable results.

If you practice the exercises explained on PenisHealth DVD’s and regularly take Male Extra, you can expect to see massive improvements in girth, and up to 3 inches worth of gains in your penis length! No other penis enhancement system possesses the unique combination of beneficial herbal extracts and effective exercises like Male Extra.


Take it from a regular guy who has been able to reach massive improvements and regularly achieve harder, bigger and longer erections – Male Extra is THE product for men!