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SizeGenetics - What Makes This A Great Penis Extender


Forget everything that you have heard about penis extenders. The SizeGenetics penis extender which is made for the modern world based on the needs of real men! 

The science behind all penis extenders has been used in some cultures for generations. Basically, you just need to apply positive pressure to your penis. 

Instead of stretching it out and causing a “noodle penis” effect, it actually makes cells start to replicate and causes an increase in length and width.  This is basically the same as a workout in the gym.  Instead of building up your muscles though, you are building up your penis cells.

How Penis Traction Works

In some distant cultures, the positive pressure needed for penis extension was applied by really painful methods. This could be something as simple as a rock tied to the penis head.  Ouch!  Unfortunately, most of today’s penis extenders aren’t much more comfortable.  They use a noose system instead. 

The noose attaches around the penis head and pulls it forward.  As you can imagine, the noose digs into the penis and cuts off circulation.  Since you will need to use the penis extender on a regular basis, it may seem like torture just to increase your penis size!  Luckily, SizeGenetics has a solution which gets real results but without sacrificing comfort according to

How To Use SizeGenetics

To use the Size Genetics extension device, you first adjust the tension-loaded device to your penis size.  Then, you insert your penis into the device so it is resting snug but comfortable against your pubic area.  Instead of the inferior noose system used by other penis extenders, SizeGenetics uses an exclusive comfort mechanism

A strap fits around your penis shaft directly below the penis head.  The strap can be adjusted to fit any penis size.  Most importantly, it will not cut into your skin or cut off circulation!  With the Size Genetics device properly adjusted, you will feel a slight tension in your penis.  This is the tension which will gradually cause your cells to be stretched apart and fill in with new cell growth, thus causing an increase in penis length and width.Learn more at

What Makes It The Best

When it comes to penis enlargement, SizeGenetics offers the complete male enhancement plan on the market.  You will even get bonuses like an enlargement exercise DVD and sex improvement videos. Size Genetics is even tailored to all men’s needs because it comes with spare parts so you can keep using the penis extender device even after you grow. 

Considering all the SizeGenetics can do for you, this amazing program is an incredibly low price.  Now, you can even save more money on SizeGenetics through special offers and promos. The company behind SizeGenetics is happy to offer great deals on their penis extender. They’d rather you use their quality, comfortable device than settle for an inferior penis extender! Learn more at

My Review

For a couple of months, I’d been teasing myself about this thing of finally losing my virginity.  I wanted to make sure I was really ready.  Of course, I was now completely confident that I had what it takes to satisfy a woman, but I was still a little nervous about whether I’d be clumsy. 

I remember all the stories of the other guys when we were teenagers and the sexual debacles that had happened to them because of inexperience, and I didn’t want that to happen to me now, at my age.  But finally, I was prepared.  SizeGenetics had taken care of that for me.

Of course, it was easier said than done.  I spent a couple of weeks hanging around in bars, but I never seemed to find the right line to chat up some chick.  I could hardly rock up to some girl and say “Hey, I’ve got a big dick, do you want to come home with me?”  Well, I suppose I could, but I didn’t think I’d have much luck.  SizeGenetics had helped me get a larger penis but even they couldn’t actually pick up a woman for me.