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SizeGenetics Penis Extender Review


In this time since the penis extender first became available, it has helped over 500,000 men increase their penis size.  The team of medical researchers behind SizeGenetics are always innovating ways to improve the enlargement device. 

They listen to feedback from real users and that is why SizeGenetics is unparalleled when it comes to comfort, results, and value. 

The Device’s Design

Nothing is more important about a penis extender than its design.  The design is what will ultimately determine the safety and effectiveness of the device – and also your experience using it.  The original Size Genetics design was calibrated to give a precise tension which created fast results without risking safety. 

Now, the Size Genetics device gives users the ability to adjust the tension to exactly the level they want all while staying in the safe, effective range.  You have much more control over how you use Size Genetics and the results you get with it! Check it out at

Superior Comfort

SizeGenetics was the first penis extender to switch from the standard silicon loop system of securing the penis into the device.  Their team innovated a new design which uses a strap placed over the shaft of the penis.  You don’t have to worry about the strap ever cutting off circulation, damage to the glans, or your penis slipping out of place. 

SizeGenetics is also the only penis extender which offers 16 different ways to wear it.  You can choose between the 16 different comfort mechanisms to ensure you are getting the best experience.  Whether you are wearing just for an hour while watching TV, sleeping with the device on, or wearing SizeGenetics discreetly under your clothes, you will always be comfortable with it on! Learn more at

Another important aspect of the Size Genetics design is that it is made to suit all men.  You can adjust the length of the extension arms to fit your exact size.  As your experience penis growth from using Size Genetics, you can just change the extension arms accordingly.

How Safe are Penis Extenders?

If used according to the simple instructions to provide a gradually increasing amount of traction, medical grade penis extender devices such as SizeGenetics and ProExtender are extremely safe to use.

These devices have been developed by medical doctors and have certification as medical instruments. Learn more about safe penis extenders.

Results with Size Genetics

The main reason that SizeGenetics is our #1 pick is because it gives such amazing results and is effective for more than 99% of men who use it.  On average, men will experience gains of 29% in length and 19% in girth after 6 months. 

Other benefits from Size Genetics include harder erections and straightening curved penis syndrome.  Results are guaranteed with the Size Genetics 6-month, 100% money-back promise. Learn more at


No high-quality penis extender is going to be cheap, but Size Genetics has done a good job of offering its medical-grade extender at a price everyone can afford.  There are so many different bonuses included with your purchase the Size Genetics is truly a great value for your money.