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What is The Best Penis Extender?


Penis enlargement is the number one searched male enhancement term in Google. Along with penis enlargement pills and creams, other methods have become available.

This includes penis pumps and most importantly penis extenders. In our opinion, extenders are the best way to make your penis bigger. And they are also the safest and easiest way.

What is the best penis extender?

As you may have seen there are many different types of penis extender but they fall into two groups really. These are the ones with a noose to hold you and others with a strap. Thes best in our opinion is the strap ones. 

How Do They Work

Worn for weeks to months to years, a penis extender will progressively lengthen your penis. The length gain depends on how often and how long you wear it.

Most of our patients wear it all day and all night. After a day or two, you are no more aware of it than you are of wearing your wristwatch. It fits in the palm of your hand, weighs only a few ounces, and flexible. And it fits snugly against the inside of your thigh/

It is not visible under your trousers, your boxers or even your pajamas. The traction is gentle and you adjust it to suit yourself by simply turning 2 thumbscrews.

Patients undergoing the lengthening operation wear the stretcher beginning 10 days after surgery, for a minimum of 4 hours a day for 4 months, to prevent post-operative loss of new length by shrinkage of the scar that normally forms with healing. Many patients continue to wear it after the 4 months and continue to gain length.

Without the lengthening operation, using the penis stretcher alone will produce lengthening but the length gain is slower to occur and takes longer to be noticeable. Learn more about how penis stretchers work.

Side Effects

Treatment with a penis extender has no side effects and no influence on urination, erection or fertility, and the elongation is permanent. No assistance from your doctor is needed. It can be used any time of the day for various time intervals.

The penis stretcher can be worn under your boxers, even under your pajamas.

It can also be worn during the night. The total number of hours the device is worn determines the result of the treatment. It weighs only a few ounces, is flexible, fits smoothly against the inside of your thigh and is small enough to be held in the palm of your hand.

Why are they better?

Your gains are usually in proportion to the amount of time you wear it. As well as available time there is also how comfortable they are to wear. As a general rule, the noose types cut off circulation and become painful to wear thus requiring you to remove it for short periods while the comfort strap ones can be worn for longer periods before needing to be removed.

How long do they need to be worn?

This varies but the longer the better though most suggest you build up the time gradually. I know the X4 Labs one, for instance, requires you to wear it for 1 hour the first week up to 6 hours by the end of the 3 months. This is wear time and doesn’t include the rest periods in between. Learn more at

How long should the rest period be?

That also depends on the penis extender. A noose type you may have to take off every hour for about 20 minutes to let the blood flow back in. A comfort strap you could easily manage 2-3 hours before needing the 20-minute break.

What is the best penis extender reviewed?

There used to be 3 that we considered the best but Fastsize are no longer available. X4 Labs is very good, uses a comfort strap and is well worth the money and now is even cheaper if you buy from our site because of a great discount but currently the best penis extender is Sizegenetics. Learn more about the best penis extenders at

What’s so good about Sizegenetics?

Firstly the strap is a hybrid meaning it uses the comfort strap but also has the ability to use the noose instead of it or alongside it meaning no slippage. The product has a large array of extras and the aftercare is excellent. We also noticed how well it worked, alongside X4 Labs as the best we reviewed.

Where can I buy one from?

If you follow our reviews on the sidebar each review has a link to the main site where you can buy one. Check out the reviews thoroughly because there may be some discount codes at the bottom which will save you money. For instance at the moment you can save enough on the X4 Labs penis extender to make it the cheapest penis extender we have reviewed at about $100.