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Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

f:id:mpommett79:20180710220204j:plainMany men come to our website and ask that one very common question: do penis enlargement pills work? There is also only one possible answer to that question: yes, penis enlargement pills work! And, as a matter of fact, they can be very effective if you have chosen the right pills and the right penis enlargement method!

Is not unknown that there are many penis enlargement pills that don't work. Due to the fact how penis enlargement market is big and competitive, there are many fake pills out there with the intention to only grab your money, make some buck, while leaving you without desired results and without money. That is why men should be very careful when choosing the penis enlargement pills for themselves.

There is also another problem: many men wrongly substitute male enhancement pills with penis enlargement pills, while these two are, in general, completely different categories, although they very often work in a similar way. That is the reason why we have decided to include both categories on this website and give you recommendations for products in both of these categories. 

Penis Enlargement Pills

When it comes to the penis enlargement pills you should basically know how these actually work. That will help you to recognize them and to be able to choose the right ones for you. Feel free to read our little guide on how to pick the best penis enlargement pills.

Penis enlargement pills work in a way of improving your blood circulation and blood flow to your penis. The reason for that is simple.

When you are aroused a blood flows to your penis and fills the two main chambers of spongy tissue in your penis which are called corpora cavernosa. When blood fills those two chambers your penis becomes erect. Now, the size of your penis is determined with the size of those two chambers in your penis, or in other words, with the volume of blood, they are able to accept. Learn more at

How They Work

So, what penis enlargement pills actually do is this. They try to force more blood to fill up your penis tissue, and that causes some type of pressure which acts against tissue cells inside corpora cavernosa. That pressure tends to force your penis tissue cells to expand or to create new tissue cells. The logic is simple: if there are more tissue cells, or if they are bigger, a higher volume of blood will be able to fill your penis which will increase erected size of your penis.

That is a very basic way how all effective penis enlargement methods work, including penis enlargement pills, enlargement exercises, and traction devices.

Another thing to understand is: penis enlargement will not happen overnight! It takes some time for pills or another enlargement method to provide you with results. But, the good thing about pills is that you will notice first sights of results very soon, fast after taking first servings of pills. The reason for that is because pills start to work immediately which will allow you to get harder and stronger erections very fast but will take some time before you could notice visible increases to the penis size.

One penis enlargement pill that we can fully recommend to you is Male Extra, which is the whole and complete penis enlargement pill system that works extremely well. Feel free to read our full review on Male Extra pills here and find out why we recommend it.

Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement pills are very similar to penis enlargement pills. The main difference is that enhancement pills are not intended to increase your penis size. They are used for improvements to your overall sexual performance, and in most cases, they are intended only for short time improvements (although there is a chance to also get permanent improvements).

Although most penis enlargement pills will also improve your sexual performance, male enhancement pills are used only for that. When we say "overall sexual performance," we think on improvements to erections to achieve harder, stronger and longer erections, improvements to sexual stamina, appetite and overall performances in bed, improvements to ejaculation, shooting performance and volume of produced sperm, and so on.

Male enhancement pills can provide you with a lot of positive improvements to your sexual life and sexual performance. The good thing about them is the fact that they show almost immediate results, in most cases right after the first couple of servings.

Now, it all depends on what you want to achieve or improve, to be exact. In most cases, some enhancement pills will work on improvements to your overall sexual performance, while others will work only to particular performance, like more sperm volume during ejaculations.


From our visitors and users experiences and testimonials, we know that most men do not want to take several types of pills to be able to improve their overall sexual performance - they are looking for only one pill to take. Also, from doing a lot of researches on the market, we came up with one pill that covers all important and most common aspects of male enhancement, from improvements to erections to boosting sperm production. The name of this pill is Performer5!

The main use of Performer5 pills is to enhance your sperm production as this is ejaculation enhancement pill, but it will also give a major boost to your other sexual performances because of its special formulation. Read our full review on Performer5 pills here.