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X4 Labs Comfort Straps for Bigger Penis

f:id:mpommett79:20180911092746j:plainIs it possible to wear penis extenders without discomfort and pain? The fact is the day has come when wearing penis extenders will be fun! Gone are the days when the outdated silicon tubes would cause utter discomfort, pain, reduced blood circulation and chafing.

The amazing technology of Comfort Strap Plus+ has made Euro Extenders very comfortable and efficient. Designed by the engineering department of X4 Labs, the Comfort Strap Plus+ doesn’t only increase your penis size but also does make the process enjoyable and comfortable. These straps provide a much larger surface area between the device and your penis so that there is no discomfort possible.

What is this Comfort Strap Plus+? Is it just a device that gives more comfort to the penis region? No, it’s not only that. It’s much more. The straps improve the efficiency of the penis extender manifold so that you get a bigger penis and also get it quick.

The increased surface area between the device and the penis actually eliminates slippage completely and maximizes blood circulation; quite contrary to the outdated ones. This helps the extender work at its full potential and you don’t sacrifice any of the results. You deserve it!

It is totally risk-free

The Comfort Strap Plus+ is a risk-free product. When you use the age-old silicon tubes or nooses attached to the penis extender, you put yourself at great risk of injuring your organ. Some cheap, bad quality extenders even give you penis rashes that are quite painful and embarrassing.

With Comfort Strap Plus+ you can’t get injured nor will you develop penis rashes. It’s because they are made of medically approved silicone that takes care of your beloved organ. Therefore, please don’t buy the silicone tubes and nooses. Simply go for Comfort Strap Plus+. It is CE certified and thus the best and the safest product available to attach your penis to a penis extender. Learn more at

You can use a Comfort Strap Plus+ only with a Euro Extender as it is them who offer the strap. Quite naturally this makes the Euro Extender much more effective than other extenders available in the market. You can most certainly expect better results with a Comfort Strap Plus+ Euro Extender.

The strap is broader and longer than standard products and this extra size provides greater comfort to men who have a lot of penis girth. The strap lasts considerably longer due to the extra space. No doubt, people are increasingly shifting to the Comfort Strap Plus+. It’s amazing how advancements in technology can benefit the common man.

Penis Extenders Compared

Penis extenders are the top rated method of penis enlargement because they are highly effective if compared to any other method that is available in the market. Penis extenders are also very safe as they do not cause any kind of side effects to the users. People can be assured of the effective results provided by the penis extenders. The penis extenders are pain free method for effective penis enlargement.

The Basic Differences

There are number of penis extenders emerged in the market and the Size genetics and X4 Labs Premium are two such penis extenders among them which are considered as the most effective penis extenders. SizeGenetics and X4 Labs Premium are also highly recommended type of penis extenders because they are really very effective and can help the people to fulfill their dreams of an enlarged penis. The Size genetics Systems which are available in the market consists of the device, penis enlargement pills etc.

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SizeGenetics System vs. X4 Labs Premium comparison can help the people to know whether SizeGenetics System is effective or X4 Labs Premium extender is effective. The system includes the SizeGenetics device, prosolution pills, volume pills, penis health membership and spare parts etc.

The premium edition by X4 Labs includes the complete 4 in 1 Quad Support System, specially designed girth base edition, cleaning and moisturizing kit for improved results, 2 sex DVD’s etc. Both these penis extenders are made up of comfort strap technology but the X4 Labs extender is more comfortable for the people to wear and it really adds to the effectiveness of the device.


One thing to you have to make sure is that you are buying the original product. Euro Extenders manufactured only by X4 Labs provide the patented Comfort Strap Plus+. DO not fall for any other products. There are numerous companies who have copied the design of these straps but the imitations can never match the quality of the original. In no time they break, snap or simply wear out and become ineffective. You don’t want to harm your penis, right? The original has Lifetime Parts Warranty.