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Penis Extenders versus Penis Pumps

f:id:mpommett79:20180711110109j:plainOver the years men thought they have solved their small penis problems by creating devices that will help extend the penis length, even if it is only temporary. Since the 1970’s men have resorted to buying penis pumps that work like vacuums.

This method was used by men who had trouble getting and maintain an erection. The penis pump was and still is one of the most popular methods on the market. But with ever growing technology there are more and more effective methods that are available to men.

The introduction of the penis traction device, penis enlargement has taken a huge step forward. But research and testing have found that the creation of the traction devices has, in fact, increased the capacity of the corpus cavernosa which are structures inside the penis which are actually responsible for an erection. While most solutions to enlarge the penis are temporary, a more permanent measure came in the form of the Pro Extender.

How the penis pump really works

The majority of the penis pumps on the market work by applying a vacuum technique. By actually taking out the air that surrounds the penis, the reverse pressure that does the pulling of the extra blood from the body into the erectile body located inside the penis actually will increase the size of the erection to huge sizes.

The good old fashioned penis pump works by fastening the airtight tube onto the base of the penis. Once a vac seal has been achieved, the air that surrounds the penis is pumped out by the electric handle or by hand pump.

The airtight tube is not a full functioning vacuum but it does very slowly decrease the pressure the penis will expand to well beyond what the normal size should be.

The only problem that is known at this point is when the plastic or rubber ring is needed to stop a loss of size once the tube gets removed. What you get from the pump is temporary but many find the use more of an erection aid rather than a size enhancer. You can learn more at

How does the Extender work?

These extenders work by using the traction method. This method causes the body to produce new tissues which actually make the penis longer and thicker. A gentle stretch of the penis tissues, the Extender causes the body to make new tissues to reweave the pressure.

But this is the same kind of technology that was used by the natives to change the human body and along with today’s surgeons use the same method for reconstructive surgery.

The way it works is very simple, the instrument is attached to the penis almost in the same manner as a penis pump is but there is no tube. The instrument attaches a very soft rubber made ring around the head of the penis. Then you tighten up the device and a small amount tension is placed on the penis. Generally, the amount of time and tension put on to the penis are two main factors in working this device with success. Learn more at

How to make permanent changes

In fact, it is said that over a year or so of using these extenders and pumps that the penis may grow very slight. If you are looking for a temporary fix then these devices are great for you but if you are looking for something a little more permanent traction devices are better.