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Male Edge Pro In-Depth Review


The size of one’s penis is the sensitive subject for almost every guy on the face of the planet. The only exceptions to this are those very few who have definitely been blessed with well above average specimens. The remainder of men out there would definitely like to have an inch or two in the penis department, an inch or two that will make all the difference. And as of relatively recently, it is easier to do this than ever before with Male Edge.


There are different options that you can go for if you wish to enlarge your penis, but the only one that will actually work and that is completed is by using Male Edge. For instance, you can go for different penis enlargement supplements/pills that will be safe but that will do absolutely nothing when it comes to enlarging your penis.

Or, you can go for surgery which may result in an increase, but which is extremely dangerous and can result in irreversible damage to your penis. With Male Edge, you get both the safety and the efficiency according to h

How It Works

The way in which this is achieved is by applying stretching to the penis. Namely, stretching is the only scientifically proven way to enlarge a part of the body. Doctors do it all the time when they wish to extend someone’s fingers or extremities. They apply stretching for prolonged periods of time and the increase in size is achieved.

Certain tribal cultures use the same procedure for elongating other parts of their body, like for example earlobes or necks in order to achieve the desired appearance. This same principle is applied to Male Edge and it is the only way to increase the size of your penis.

Of course, stretching of the penis has to be conducted extremely carefully and with a meticulously determined force that is going to produce the effects without causing any adverse effects. Luckily, the manufacturer of Male Edge is the same company that has developed Jes Extender, the first penis extender ever created, so these guys know what they are doing.

With Male Edge, they have gone one further and they have safely increased the amount of force that is applied to the penis and which results in a more significant increase without risking your health. Learn more at


When you are using Male Edge, it is important to keep in mind that the amount of time that you wear it is directly proportionate to the increase in size that you are going to experience.

After a month and a half of gradually increasing both the force and the time of wearing Male Edge, you will need to use it for at least 6 hours every day for at least 6 months in order to achieve the results.

It is a big investment but it more than pays off. With Male Edge, you can increase the size of your penis for as much as 2 to 3 inches and you can even increase the girth of your organ as well.

And it is actually not that difficult to wear Male Edge. The steel parts of the device that you had with Jes Extender have been replaced with strong plastic which is just as durable but infinitely lighter, making a comfortable experience an even more comfortable one.

The best thing about Male Edge is that it can be worn with your clothes over it and no one will have any idea that you are wearing it. This way, you can increase the size of your penis without anyone even noticing, for example, while you are at the office.


This is not all that Male Edge can do. Male Edge will also improve the quality of your erections as this stretching and be increasing the size results in the creation of new tissue in the penis, brand new tissue that is capable of better performance.

Finally, with Male Edge, you can get rid of the curvature of your penis (Peyronie’s disease) if you happen to suffer from this problem.

More and more doctors are recommending Male Edge for this use and it has definitely shown exquisite results when Peyronie’s disease is in question, with up to 90% of the curvature getting straightened out.

In the end, the only important thing to remember about Male Edge is that with this device, you can definitely increase the size of your penis significantly and without having to worry about any unwanted effects. It is safe and efficient. What more could you ask for?