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Bathmate Before and After Results


 Doctors in Europe studied a collection of people who volunteered so that they could determine what the bathmate hydro pump was capable of. This study was called, The Bathmate Before and After. The personal details of those who participated weren’t released in order to maintain their privacy, but the researchers did provide the information that follows: From Dr. Abraham Smith, Senior Research Specialist

Bathmate Penis Pump Research

This experiment was designed to determine the results that the volunteers, of different ethnic groups, received from the Bathmate pump. All participants either used or wanted to use, a bathmate hydro pump. There were over a hundred people from differing cultural and geographic areas including Americans (people from Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and the US), Europeans (people from Portugal, France, Austria, Finland and Sweeden), People from the Middle East (including Yemen, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq) and Asians (from India, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, China and South Korea).

Because of a variety of different reasons, some of those who participated in the study went about it in different ways. There were those who were a bit shy of sharing their results of the Bathmate hydro pump, and others who wanted to demonstrate how it worked and tell their stories to everyone who would listen. Cultural attitudes probably played a part in this. The results from the bathmate hydro pump before and after study have been separated by the geographical region of those who participated. The research was conducted over a period of four months. Learn more about Bathmate at

Asian Participants

Prior to Bathmate hydro pump use, the mean length of penises for those in this group was 3.2-4.3 inches, and the mean girth was 2.4-2.7 inches during an erection. After using the Bathmate pump for 25-30 minutes each day, this cohort of participants experienced the most impressive Bathmate results. Those with a penis measurement closer to 3.2 inches prior to Bathmate usage, experienced a growth of 75%, with an ending length of 5.6 inches, and an increase in girth of about 45%.

Those who were closer to 4.3 inches, in the beginning, grew to approximately 7 inches and went from 2.7 to 3.65 inches of girth.

Middle Eastern Participants

This group had a mean penis length of 4.5-5.7 inches, with a girth resembling that of the Asian group, of 2.7 inches.

This group experienced amazing results from the Bathmate hydro pump as well, with 25-30 minutes of use each day. Almost 9 in 10 of these participants grew about 75% lengthwise, though they didn’t experience the growth in girth than those from Asia did (though the did have about a 25% increase in girth). This means that those who had a penis measurement of 4.5 inches, in the beginning, ended up with a length of 7.8 inches and a girth of 2.5-3 inches. Those whos’ penises measured more than 5.5 inches grew to 8.8 inches.

European Participants

These participants had the lengthiest penis size, to begin with, even before Bathmate pump use. The mean length was 5% in girth. The longest length reached in these participants was 9.45 inches, and the largest girth was 4.0 inches.

American Participants

This was the most active group of participants. Their beginning penis length was 4.9-6.2 inches, with a girth of 2.5-3.0 inches to begin with. At the end of the experimental period, they experienced the largest growth, with an 85% increase in length and a 50% increase in girth, all from making use of the Bathmate hydro pump every day for 25-30 minutes. The longest penis length in this group after pump use was 11.47 inches, and the largest girth was 5.5 inches.


The enlargement of penises has been a popular topic of conversation for years now, and there are younger men who wonder if the results are for real. There are many products out there on the market, from pills to surgery, to pumps that use air. However, the amazing new technology that uses water to enlarge penises, which Bathmate has introduced, has shown itself to be the safest, most effective and most cost-efficient way to increase penis size.

The data from the above experiment has shown that bathmate before after results are amazing, and the Bathmate hydro pump is the best tool available for penis enlargement today. Though there have been reports of Bathmate injury, including side effects such as itching and bruising, when you use the hydro pump excessively, these side effects won’t last long and go away when you take a break for a few days. The results, however, are permanent.


We give Bathmate hydro pumps are the seal of approval since they aren’t risky for either the body or the health of those who use them. It is not something that would be taken internally, such as pills, and doesn’t involve any risk such as medical malpractice.