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The Power of Extenders For Growth

What we're going to do, we're going to cover in these videos. We're going to go over how to fix your testosterone, how to get bigger and straighter, increase semen loads and we're going to cover things like infections in the prostate, bladder, urinary tract infections. We're going to cover everything having to do with having a bigger, badder and better experience as the owner of a penile extender.

Increasing length and girth safely. Fixing a bent schlong, a Peyronie’s. Doubling, or tripling cum loads. Raising testosterone, lowering estrogen because estrogen is a problem for most men. A lot of men have fine testosterone levels, but their estrogen is too high, and the effect is erectile dysfunction, low libido, low confidence levels, mental fog, and confusion, and it's because of the estrogen, not the testosterone. We're going to share you how to do that. We're going to show you to fix problems with cum, with semen. Bad taste, low volume, so you're going to have a very large volume of semen if you want that. You'll certainly have healthy levels of semen, rather than small amounts right now. Taste is something that women pay attention to.

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Taste is something they pay attention to, so we'll show you how to improve the taste, so it's really good and fixing infections. We're going to talk about that. That's what we're going to be covering right now. Let's get to it. The testosterone problem is really this. When you have testosterone, your body turns it into estrogen. They call it aromatization, a process of testosterone turning into estrogen. That's why if you get extra testosterone like from the doctor, you'll actually have more estrogen as well because the testosterone that's put into your body turns into estrogen. Estrogen is kind of a bummer for guys. That's the problem with testosterone, because what happens is, estrogen also creates high prolactin. Prolactin suppresses erections and lowers libido. There's another problem with testosterone in that, a lot of people have too much stress hormone going on, the cortisol. Learn more about extenders at

The production of cortisol cannibalizes the body's production of testosterone. If you have stress hormones, a lot of cortisol, you're going to have low testosterone. lfyou have high testosterone, you'll probably have low cortisol. You need to cut down cortisol, cut down estrogen. Most men have a way to high estrogen and a way to high cortisol so that it interfered with their testosterone and gives them erection problems. That's the problem with testosterone that we're going to solve.

I want to mention we're going to get a lab test going. A couple of things. They have this invention called free testosterone. They say, "Free testosterone is the only kind that's useful, we're going to look at free testosterone." It's just nonsense. Total testosterone is what's counts in your lab test, total testosterone. The free testosterone is this made up thing that they do in the lab. It's nothing to do with reality. Furthermore, I want to mention that DHT, is actually the active form of testosterone. Testosterone slowly turns into DHT in your body and DHT is what creates erections and powerful sex drive, and some things interfere with testosterone turning into DHT. The noted one that does that is finasteride. That's one reason why finasteride, which is sold for prostrate and for hair growth is a really bad thing. You don't want to interfere with that at all.