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Penis Enlargement Methods Explained


This is my penis enlargement success story. I always felt like an average Joe about my penis size. I wanted my girl to soar to heights of ecstasy she had never experienced before. I really felt that my being average was the problem.

Search of the Best Penis Enlargement Method

I began my search on the web, reading about hanging weights, miracle creams, and secret drinks one claimed to come from the Amazonian Yagua tribe, where the men were short but their penises were long.

None of the drinks listed ingredients, and I had never heard of Yaguas: were they even real? 

With my luck the weight would slip after I had attached it to my penis and stretch it into this little string, reaching the floor. 

And the creams reminded me of some witches poultice that would probably turn me into a frog the second I rubbed it on. 

I was very discouraged and frustrated. None of the web sites offered anything that I would be willing to try. I was really feeling hopeless. 

How would I ever increase my penis size?

I was on the verge of calling it quits when I stumbled upon a web site that finally made some sense and had a device that I would be willing to try.

An article on the website did not promise overnight success. It did not promise a penis like a telephone pole. I had already rejected all those devices that made outlandish promises.

What it did do is explain how you could make incremental changes by consistent use and following the directions that were provided with the device. I was still somewhat skeptical, but their straight talk and low cost made it at least worth trying.

The Solution I Discovered

The penis enlargement device came from a company called X4 Labs. The penis stretcher device allowed me to improve my penis length, strength, and girth at a healthy rate. 

I noticed results after just a few days.

The length and girth of my penis increased even faster than I expected. My erections were harder than ever.

My results


My girlfriend finally returned home. We had missed each other and, of course, the sex. 

We started fooling around almost as soon as she walked in the door. We left a trail of clothes to the bedroom just like a movie. It was incredibly sexy. I was feeling much more confident than I had in the past. I could hardly wait for her reaction.

I'll let you imagine the details. I will tell you that she kept saying,  "Oh my GOD!"

When we finished, she was speechless, her chest heaving as she lay by my side. 

Finally, she said, "Oh, my darling, you were so hard. And you hit my G-spot. Oh my God, you've never done that before". And the one I had waited for, "It was fucking out of this world!" I was absolutely walking on air.

Penis Enlargement Methods

Take one look on the internet and you will be offered many ways to accomplish penis enlargement. You will and can be overwhelmed with possibilities for this process.

You owe it to yourself to take each method individually and does some research to find the right fit for you. This may take some time but the time you spend will be well worth the effort that you put forth.

Free forums are my favorite resource to find out what the other consumers have to say about penis enlargement; Make sure that you visit the forum; this will give you a little better idea of what is a plausible method for you and which are not.

Here are a few of the methods that have the most credibility:

Penis Stretching

This method uses a medical penis stretcher devise that will actually attach to the penis and stretch it for a length of time. There are several models of penis stretcher devices available. Learn more about extenders at

In essence, what a penis stretcher does is cause the cells of the penis to split and then reform, thus, making new tissue. The new tissue will actually cause the penis to grow in both length and girth naturally.

You are basically putting your penis in "Traction" just as someone with a badly broken arm or leg in the hospital. There is actually a study from 2002 in The International Journal of Impotence Research that documents this as a fact and holds very true.

Jelqing or Exercising

This exercising method involves the exercise of the smooth muscle of the penis and the ultimate goal is to increase the total erect size of the penis. There are many programs that offer instructions to this method at a price. 

You can find information on this technique in many blogs and forums. Actually you can find almost all these exercises for free. There are many penis exercises videos and pictures all over the internet.

However you have to know there are risks involved in these exercises, including bursting blood vessels that can lead to impotence. It goes without saying that you should be cautious with this penis enlargement method.

Enlargement Pills

These seem to be quite popular today. They are made from natural and herbal ingredients. There is no complete and absolute scientific proof that they work to enlarge the penis. Most of the pills will help to increase the flow of blood to the erect penis and thus make it larger in the erect state. 

My advice is to stay away from penis pills. Yes, you can find some quality pills made by well known big companies, but risks involved are more that benefits. There are side effects and usually penis enlargement is temporary.

What Do Work For Me?

There is no doubt that penis enlargement is possible, it will just depend on what your particular situation calls for and what you perceive your needs to be.

I have tried almost all methods for penis enlargement. Most of them do work but results do not worth money and time spent.  Learn more about extenders at

The reason I recommend penis stretchers because I know they do work and I achieved the best results by simply manipulating my body's natural growth. 

However, these devices should be worn for at least three hours daily. You will want to make sure that you are investing in a good stretcher so you can be comfortable while your penis grow.