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Should We Expect Humans To Have Pheromones?


Why would we expect humans to have human pheromones? I think the main reason is that we're mammals. For example, mammals smell, a dog smells, and we smell and were unlikely to be different from other mammals.

Everything else about our physiology is very much the same as mammals. And that is because blends that previously were inactive start to secrete lots of molecules. And they particularly secrete them into the areas that now have hair in our armpits.

If we were any other mammal, we would be looking for pheromones. The reason is that something that changes at puberty is likely to be something to do with being an adult. In many cases, this has something to do with sex.

Pheromones Do Exist

Mammals do indeed have lots of pheromones. These include small and big pheromone molecules. I would argue is that humans probably do have pheromones but misled by corporation wanting sell patented pheromone colognes and perfumes. What we need to do is start researching pheromones with real science. And it's actually a very good time to be doing it because lots of work has been done on pheromones already. So now is the time that we could do it in a way that possibly we couldn't have done it as well before. Learn more at

How Do We Research Pheromones?

The traditional way in humans is to study the armpits. This is where pheromones have always been sampled. Now there is a good reason for that and it's that these are the characteristics. scent glands of the great apes.

And humans all have these scent glands in the armpit. But there is a reason for not looking specifically at armpits if you're looking for a universal sex pheromone for humans. And that's because about 20 percent of the world's population doesn't produce smells in the armpit.

OK. So what other areas of possible smell sources? I think one reason that we've not looked in these other places is simply an embarrassment. It's quite easy to ask somebody for some people from their armpit, it's much harder to ask them for anywhere else. Learn about pheromone ingredients.

How Do Pheromones Work?

If you're a fertile, sexually active person you produce pheromones into the air. These pheromone signals lure the opposite sex. So, how pheromones affect people? They basically make the wearer more attractive. That means for women who wear pheromones, men get more well-behaved and courtly. The studies showed that they will actually ask a woman out for a date. Learn more at


We've all experienced the sixth sense - the inexplicable intuition that draws us to one person. It is the chemistry of human pheromones that help spark a romance, and amplify the subtle connections that turn an acquaintance into a friend.

The fundamental causes of human attraction have remained a mystery until now. Pheromones transmit a person's genetic code and reveal important information about that person. Take advantage of the new research in human pheromones and put them to use. Learn more at