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Pheromones - How To Use and What We Know

f:id:mpommett79:20180306210339j:plainWe all naturally produce pheromones in our sweat. Scientists think they contain special chemicals which help attract a partner. The makers of Scent of Eros claim to have bottled super powerful pheromones which they sell on the Internet. There are two types: one for men, and one for women. So what do they think?

What People Say About Pheromones

One woman had this to say about pheromones. "I put this on and I went out shopping and virtually every mom I passed said hello to me. Now, normally I'm ignored. Firstly because I'm middle-aged and secondly because I'm very small. And thirdly, because I always look quite stern. Some men even tried to strike up a conversation and I am impressed with that.

Scientists say there is evidence that we are attracted to each other through Smells. And a lot of pheromones and sex hormones are released to the skin. There is a chemical reason for the attraction. To test the pulling power of pheromones we've recruited Emma and her identical twin Eve.

One's wearing pheromones and the other isn't. So, who will get the most male attention? Wearing no scent at all, Emma is first out to the bar. So after 30 minutes at the bar, it's a score of three for Emma. However, more guys went for Eve who is wearing the pheromone fragrance. The pheromones seem to work. Learn more at

What We Know About Pheromones

Pheromones are species-specific chemicals that influence but behavior or developmental process. They do this by affecting hormone levels. Winifred Cutler claims that she discovered human pheromones. Her claim is based on the newspaper accounts of the discovery she made with a couple of colleagues.

Unfortunately, she doesn't even say what chemical is in her stuff, so nobody can replicate her results. People have gone through the statistical analysis and said, we don't see what you're saying here. They don't get this change and what she's saying in behavior analysis. She claims the results were observed over a 6 week period.

If you use a pheromone product and you're willing to wait six weeks to see a change in somebody's behavior, okay, I can sell you just about anything. Anyway, she claims to have discovered human pheromones. These pheromone products have been sold since 1996 with The Scent Eros line being marketed in 2000. Learn about the different types of pheromones.

Do Pheromone Colognes Work?

You can find pheromone information very easily on the internet and be able to kind of decide what might work. Uh, and you can also look at the claims that have been made for these products. What has been shown is that a mixture of human pheromones affects human behavior. Learn more at

How to Apply Pheromones to Attract Women

The right pheromones will increase the girl's natural attraction to you, but you need to make sure the pheromone fragrance was manufactured correctly. Not all pheromones fragrances are created equally. Ad there are dozens of manufacturers that make different blends and they add different amounts of pheromones to their formulas. I purchased mine from See my Pherazone Ultra 2018 review.

Their formulas, do not contain alcohol, and the fragrance is better than most of the other formulas that I've tested. Once you bought your desired pheromone product, you simply place a bit behind your ear or your neck. Some guys like to place a pheromone fragrance all over their bodies. However, with a good pheromone product that isn't needed.

In fact, they are applied similar to colognes and you don't need to overdo it. A small amount is just fine. Just place a small dab behind your ears because that is all you need.