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The Interest in Pheromones and Do They Work


When an animal detects an odor, the scent first goes to the nose to specific sex pheromone. The vomeronasal organ contains receptor cells used to detect pheromones. They transduce electrical signals to the brain. These signals go to the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, and finally the reproductive organs. Thus the nose plays a large role in mammalian reproduction. Learn why pheromones do exist.

Do Pheromones Affect Humans?

In humans, this process is more complex. For instance, sniffing someone isn't exactly the best way to set the mood, but that does not rule out the importance of scent. In everyday life, scientists propose that because humans have a higher level of cognitive functioning, they rely less on their sense of smell through reproduction. For instance, conversing and spending time is more likely to lead to a sexual encounter then simply smelling someone, but it's not that simple according to

Scientists also proposed that the significance of the sense of smell for reproduction in humans has diminished. This is because Western culture frowns upon the natural body odor and emphasize the use of perfumes. Ironically, most perfumes use the musk odor of other animals and these perfumes had the power to help humans associate memories with sense.

This is why girlfriend often ends up sleeping on the same side of the bed as her boyfriend. Other cultures are engaged in what Howard Hughes called social sniffing. This is a common practice that plays an important role in the way humans connect with one another. Scent is not as crucial for our reproductive purposes as it is for other mammals. However, our sensory experience would not be the same. Learn more at

Pheromone Conclusion

In conclusion, we know that humans differ from animals in terms of the use of pheromones for reproduction, but what if we did base art, reproduction on pheromones? What would be different? What do you think?

This article is meant to help inform those who are interested in pheromones and are at a loss for which products to purchase. There are a lot of products out there on the market right now. And I understand the confusion that comes with having such a large variety of choices according to

Many companies have taken advantage of the interest in pheromones in recent years. And they have created pheromone products that are not properly tested and are defective. I’ve personally purchased from a couple of these companies before doing further research. I’ve discovered which products were actually useful. I will try to cover everything there is to know about pheromones in future articles as well as which products have been shown to be effective. I do not work with any pheromone perfume based companies, and thus my opinions are not biased.