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Prosolution Male Enhancement Pills Review


 This is a product from our past - we had removed the original review from the site due to not being able to contact the product reviewer for some follow up questions. We had to arrange for another review to be done, and now can re-post this new review. Results wise, Prosolution is questionably one of the best of our tested brands so far. A very positive experience from a great company. The gains the tester saw from the use of Prosolution are definite and very encouraging.


Prosolution has focused on producing and marketing this product as an ‘extra strength’ version of this supplement. This means that they are including more ingredients by wt. % of many of the herbals compared to some of the other brands. In a nutshell, this indicates the supplement may perform as well or better than those products - and the results say it does.

Worth mentioning as well - Despite being manufactured in the USA, ProSolution Plus ships from 3 locations around the globe : USA, UK , and Eastern Europe. This is a huge bonus for those of you not residing in North America. It generates very reasonable shipping times for all customers wanting to quickly recieve your supplements that would normally have to wait for overseas transport.

Product Arrival and Properties

The pills arrived 3 days after the order. Packaged in a DHL courier bag, the 6 months supply of the product was also protected by a thick cardboard box. Inside were boxes of pills, each containing 4 blister packs of 15 pills each (to be taken 2/day).

The label of each sleeve box featured the name of the product and some basic artwork. The blister packs themselves were were sealed for freshness and were in perfect shape. The pills insider were whole and unbroken. Each pack had the product’s name, date of manufacture and a serial number printed on the back side.


ProSolutionPills offers a money back guarantee on all purchases within 6 months (180 Days) of purchase. This is an extremely long product guarantee timeframe and exceeds that of any other I’ve found in the industry. I have spoken to a customer service representative to verify this policy and he also added the following information:

“The 180-day guarnatee is absolutely true. To be fair, we would prefer that you try the system for at least 90 days (e months) before requesting a refund, however - since results can take longer for some individuals.” This certainly isn’t unreasonable, since that leaves you 3 months to request the refund after the suggested period.

Main Ingredients

  • L-arginine
  • Semen Cuscutae
  • Gingko
  • Herba Epimedii
  • Hawthorn (Western)
  • Ginseng (Korean Red)
  • Catuaba
  • Muira Pauma
  • Zinc Gluconate

Summary of Results

The results with this product were very good. Within the first week, not much growth was noticed, but by the end of the second week, my erections were definitely more firm and I noticed a change in my erection size and girth. The exercises provided with the product seemed to help a lot

The growth slowed for the six and seventh weeks, but it quickly improved again and was constant for the remaining 4 months until the end of my 6 month test period. Since then I have not noticed any loss of results I gained during the test. I am very satisfied with this product.

One side effect that I did not notice was that after approximately 2 months I began to produce much more ejaculate during each orgasm.

Score / Overall

The score given was 4.5/5 stars overall. For me, the quality of the pill and its results are the most important aspect for anyone considering a purchase, and this pill really delivered in that area. The results from the pill combined with the exercises that came with it, turned out to be very effective and a value purchase.

The shipping was also very quick, and a tracking number was provided to follow along. I am happy with this product and was content with the enlargement process. This supplement is recommended for use as a penis growth product, and a sexual enhancement supplement. I was very happy to facilitate the review of another product that does indeed do what it claims. The only issue I see with