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Penis Extenders and Peyronie's Disease Treatment


What is a medical penis enlargement device? These are safe, clinically tested devices proven to lengthen and straighten the penis. Their clinically proven results were published in the British Journal of Urology as the only evidence-based technique of penile elongation. 

Over 500,000 men have used these penis traction devices just straighten and enlarge their penises.

How Do They Work?

Jes Extender and Male Edge devices are safe medical male enhancement devices that can be worn daily while you're asleep watching tv at work in almost any situation. They safely apply traction to the penis to encourage cell duplication, which over time results in penis growth in both length and girth. 

Traction causes tissue cells to divide and multiply. A well-known process called cytokinesis. Over time, it results in new and sustained tissue growth throughout the penis, making new visibly longer and thicker in a matter of weeks and months. They adjust to fit virtually any size.

What To Expect With a Penis Extender

Growth does not affect erection quality and many users report increased stamina.  They are comfortable, affordable, and can be used in the privacy of your home. And the results are safe and permanent. They are recommended by doctors and help to correct penile curvature. The growth of 29 percent in length and 19 percent in girth were achieved in less than six months in clinically proven trials. Learn more at

Peyronie's Treatment

Peyronie's disease is kind of disorder which is found in millions of people around the world. Those people who witness a really bad bend on their penis may be suffering from such kind of disorder. This disorder can also be caused due to injury to the penis, heredity, abnormal collagen, excess smoking etc. If people are feeling lots of pain during erection, if they find a curve on the penis while erection, if the diameter of penis lowers during erection, if people witness thick band of hard tissues on 1 or more side of the penis etc is some of the common symptoms which can help the people to know whether they have such kind of disorder.

Peyronie's treatment can be done in many ways. There are many surgical and non-surgical methods available for Peyronie's treatment. But it is always advisable to stay away from surgical treatments as such methods incur lots of risk and the chances of side effects or infections are also high. Furthermore, these treatments are very expensive and may not give guaranteed results. Shockwave lithotripsy, medications, penile prosthesis etc are also some of the methods which people can opt for. But these methods may or may not be safe and effective as seen at

Penis Extender for Peyronie's Disease Treatment

The penile traction device is one such method which can be used for Peyronie's treatment. This device works on straightening the core of the penis. This method is also clinically proven and is considered safe and effective. Therefore it is advisable for the people to use a penis extender instead of going for risky surgical methods as these methods are considered very safe. People should also be cautious while purchasing any traction device and should look for approved or recognized devices such as X4 Labs or SizeGenetics.