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Steel Libido Pills Review


Steel Libido

Steel Libido is, unfortunately, one of those products that give penis enlargement a bad name. Despite the professional looking website and widespread promotion, what we ended up with was not a lot more than a placebo - little if no gains were noticed. This product serves as an excellent reminder that the penis enlargement customer is an easy target, and this industry does breed dishonest suppliers. Learn more about Steel Libido.

About Steel Libido

Few positive side effects were observed, in fact, the tester once indicated that he felt he was part of a “control” group, and not actually receiving a penis enlargement supplement. I do not recommend this supplement for use. As an addendum - it appears that since we had ordered this supplement and sent it to the tester, the sales website is “Down for Technical Maintenance”. It has been this way for several weeks.

This product is definitely out of production. Obviously, there were some issues with performance - it appears this brand was heavily spammed as well - I try to avoid reviewing products that are advertised via spam as they obviously are not concerned with reputable marketing. If you are looking for a working enlargement product, read no further - this is NOT it.

As well our secondary tester has reported in since this update with similar results. You can no longer purchase this product, therefore this review is not necessary, but I just wanted to keep everyone updated for completion purposes. Keep the updates coming on this and I will post them as you email me.

Product Arrival and Properties

Steel Libido arrived packaged in a discreet box. The bottles were individually sure-sealed with a cotton packing and the supplements were undamaged on arrival. Shipping time was somewhat lengthy - perhaps the package crossing the USA/Canadian border caused a delay in customs.


Steel Libido offers a 100% money back refund within 30 days. “If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with ADONIS XP you can return the bottle(s) within 30 days and receive a full 100% refund”. I find this to be a very SHORT guarantee timeframe and does not offer a realistic growth time after waiting to receive the product via shipping. Additionally, I have no idea what Adonis XP refers to - the product is named IGF2.

Given the fact that their website states “Noticeable length growth starts a few weeks after use, and the total process usually takes 12 weeks.”, and we noticed no gain over several months, this guarantee is not acceptable. By the time you notice little growth, the guarantee has expired.

Main Ingredients

  • Herba Epimedium
  • Muira Pauma
  • Dioscorea Oppositaei
  • Radix Ginseng
  • Fructus Crataegi


I was very disappointed by the results of this product. The results, as stated above were abysmal. No noticeable length or girth gains arose. There were no positive side effects such as erection firmness or increased stamina noticed either. I have had no positive gains from taking this product.

Score / Overall

The score given was 0/5 stars overall.

This product is meant for penis enlargement and simply said, it doesn’t deliver. No gains during the trial period and the guarantee expired when the trial period was over. Consumers are warned to steer clear from this product. This supplement is not recommended for use as a penis growth product. It fails to meet the penis pill standards we have set at To repeat again as well - the pill’s site appears to currently be “down for Technical Maintenance”. This has been for several weeks.