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X4 Labs Penis Extender – Why Buying Direct is Best


You have multiple choices of providers when it comes time to order your X4 Labs Penis Extender. The product you will receive will be the same, so does it make a difference which website you order from? The answer is “YES” and has to do with the buying options available, the services you will receive, the delivery of your product, and the guarantee.

In my experience, the best option is to buy it directly from the official website.

Highlights of Buying X4 Labs Direct

Buying your X4 Labs penis extender from the X4 Labs website gives you more options and services that you are likely to find anywhere else. While some sites only accept credit cards for payment, with X4 Labs you can pay with a credit card, a money order, or use your PayPal account to pay for your penis extender. 

If you are a little short of funds, there is an option that is unique to X4 Labs.  You can buy your X4 Labs penis extender on a time payment plan by purchasing it directly from X4 Labs.  

This plan allows you to pay overtime, spreading the cost over two, three, or four payments.  With this option, you must pay 50% of the total amount due in the first payment. 

X4 Labs is the only provider known to offer this option. With a direct purchase from X4 Labs, you can take advantage of discount codes that can save you as much as $75 off the purchase price of your penis extender.   You should note that you cannot combine a discount code with the time payment purchase plan. Learn more at

X4 Labs Shipping

You will receive your penis extender quickly when you order direct.  Orders for delivery to North America are shipped via FedEx or UPS, with expected delivery in 3 to 5 business days. International orders take a bit longer, but will normally be delivered in no more than 14 business days. In addition to fast shipping, you can generally get free shipping to North America with your order.

X4 Labs does everything possible to ensure your privacy when you order from them.  First, their website utilizes the most secure type of encryption – 256-bit encryption – for their ordering and billing system.

In addition, X4 Labs ensures your privacy in the way in which they package your penis extender for shipment.  It is wrapped in plain packaging, and nothing on the package or label identifies what is in the box. Learn more at

X4 Labs Guarantee

They offer a six-month guarantee on their product.  Known as the 6-Month Growth Guarantee, it is designed to ensure that you see results from the use of your penis extender. X4 Labs wants you to achieve your penis growth goals, and feel so confident that their product will give you those results that they are willing to let you use it for six full months risk-free. 

In fact, not only do they offer a money-back guarantee, but they also guarantee you will see results within six months.   It’s not called the 6-Month Growth Guarantee for no reason! When your penis extender arrives, open it up and use it for up to six months.  If you don’t see results within that period of time, you can request a refund of your purchase price.

What Does the X4 Labs Penis Extender Cost?

What the X4 Labs Deluxe Package IncludesLess than $200 gets you the X4 Labs Penis Extender Deluxe Edition. This is an incredible value for a good product that will absolutely give you a bigger penis. At only $199.95, when used with a discount code, this offers the best value for the money.

  • Comfort pads made of memory foam that are specifically designed to give you better results in complete comfort.
  • Nickel-Brass Extension Rods – As your penis grows with the X4 Labs Penis Extender, you will need extension rods to add to the device to accommodate your increased length.  The Deluxe Package includes all the extension rods you will need.
  • The Instructions for use on CD – Everything you need to know about using your Penis Extender is included on this easy to use CD.  It includes tips and tricks for making the most of your extender, as well as penis stretching exercises that can enhance your penis enlargement.  It also includes a free e-Book on men’s health.

Go for the Gold

While you will choose the X4 Labs penis extender package that best suits you, it should be noted that the  6-Month Growth Guarantee applies only to the Deluxe & Gold Packages. Based on feedback from men from all over the world, as well as my own experience, I recommend the Gold Edition package from X4 Labs.

This upgraded edition gives you everything you need for rapid results, along with many bonuses to enhance your penis enlargement. For only $100 more you get everything in the Deluxe Edition, plus memory foam comfort pads and additional comfort straps for better comfort and faster results.

You also get 2 Better Sex Guide DVD’s, exclusive membership to PenisAccess, and a bonus $50 gift card to use towards your next X4 Labs purchase.

Important Notes

Results with the X4 Labs penis extender are certainly achievable.  In fact, they guarantee it.  However, you need to have realistic expectations.  You will not see changes overnight. You need to use the extender on a regular basis, according to the instructions provided, in order to see positive growth results. 

If you do this, you will see why reports show that the X4 Labs extender has a 99% approval rating.   This rating is likely due to the fact that most of their customers achieve size gains in both length and girth! Learn more about penis extenders.