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X4 Labs vs SizeGenetics


Google it for yourself and you will find that 50% of websites recommend X4 Labs and the other 50% recommend SizeGenetics.

Which Penis Extender is better?

Let’s compare X4 Labs with SizeGenetics and see what we come up with. First, let’s look at price:

X4 Labs Package Price

  • X4 Labs Starter Kit $99.95
  • X4 Labs Peyronies Edition $239.95
  • X4 Labs Deluxe $199.95

Best Buy

  • X4 Labs Extender Gold $299.95
  • X4 Labs Extender Gold Premium $399.95

SizeGenetics Package Price

  • SizeGenetics Starter Edition $199.95
  • SizeGenetics Ultimate System $339.85
  • SizeGenetics Basic Package $350.00

It’s quite obvious that X4 Labs provides more options for you to select from AND they even personalize the system specifically for your needs. X4 Labs design their packages according to user feedback and customer requests. SizeGenetics basically offers only two options.

The Basic Package offered is more expensive than the Ultimate System, which is confusing since it offers fewer products. We don’t understand why they sell it priced that way. You can buy the Ultimate System for less but get more.

Who offers the cheapest penis enlargement?

X4 Labs offers their Starter Kit for merely $99.95. It is the very best option for penis extenders priced under $100. You can’t beat their price anywhere. SizeGenetics doesn’t offer this type of option. Learn more at

Who offers the best in price vs. quality ratio?

X4 Labs Deluxe is the best choice if you like to compare & buy the best money/quality ratio. Priced at $199.95, you can’t beat the price or the quality. X4 Labs Deluxe package comes with the hybrid support, which means you get both the comfort strap and the noose fixation so you can decide which works best for you. Spending the same amount of money ($199.95) at SizeGenetics will get you their Starter Edition. This package offers only comfort strap fixation. Learn more at X4 labs vs. SizeGenetics.

What makes the Hybrid Support offered by X4 Labs so valuable?

The hybrid support offered by X4 Labs is nice because it allows you to figure out what type of fixation works best for your body. After all, if you don’t wear a penis extender, it can’t work. Giving you different “comfort” options to choose from guarantees that you will find one you like. Ordering a penis extender with just one type of fixation is not giving you a choice to figure out your comfort level in regards to penis enlargement. By having both types, you get to choose and you are bound to find one that pleases you.

Other Advantages Offered by X4 Labs

X4 Labs offers other advantages SizeGenetics doesn’t have. In addition to getting 2 types of penis extenders for the price of one (strap/noose), you also get the option to upgrade to a quad support system. Only X4 Labs offer the quad support system. It enables the X4 Labs device to fit men universally, no matter what your penis sizes may be.

Originally designed for men with micro-penises, the quad support system also completely eliminates slippage issues and increases the overall comfort level offered by the device.

The quad support system works because it provides additional points of fixation. Because of this, it can also provide fast, efficient penis enlargement results. This system is the ultimate in penile enlargement technology.

Isn’t SizeGenetics 16-Way Support better than X4 Labs Quad Support?

SizeGenetics does offer 16-way support with their ultimate system, which costs $339. If you can afford to pay that much and you believe having an all-in-one system will best suit your needs, then you should purchase it. It does give you more options and is a top-notch system.

SizeGenetics also offers some sweet extras along with their packages. The X4 Labs Deluxe Edition, along with its quad support upgrade, will cost you $269.90. It is cheaper than SizeGenetics Ultimate System but not necessarily better. If you can pay $339 for a penis enlargement device, then you should purchase SizeGenetics.

Update: I have just checked the SizeGenetics Order page and I see now they offer you the 16 Way Comfort System when you purchase the cheapest Device Only Edition.
This is really a great news! I don’t have time to go in details so please take a look at the SizeGenetics Extender website for more information

Do either of these companies offer help for Curved Penises?

X4 Labs offers their Peyronies Edition for $239.95.

It is specifically designed to treat & reduce penile curvature, as well as built-up fibrous plaque tissue. If you need to straighten out the curve in your penis and enlarge it, then the X4 Peyronies Edition is the package for you. Learn more about the best reviewed penis extender.

Do all-in-one penis enlargement solutions really work?

Many penis enhancement companies want you to believe that all of their products are rock solid and will be all-in-one solutions for all of your problems. Don’t believe the hype, though, because everyone is different. When faced with the dilemma of finding a product to suit your specific needs, you need to select something that is designed to do what you need it to do.

Since X4 Labs offers 5 different packages, they have a solution for every problem at a price you can afford. Visit official site at Don’t forget, also, that X4 Labs works with you to tailor the package specifically to your individual needs.