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Pheromones for Women Increase Attraction


Every woman wants to find her Prince Charming. For some women, it is easier to do that. This is because they tend to attract many more suitors than your average Jane. Some call it the “it factor”, others refer to it as “star quality”.

We call it pheromones for women, and there’s even some science to back it up—even if it does sound like it works like magic.

Pheromones in females—also known as copulins—are said to be significant hormonal elements in the body. These chemical cues, found in animals as well as humans, serve different purposes for woman.

The effects of pheromones in women are not singularly sexual. Some pheromone substances help babies identify their mothers, or synchronize the menstrual cycles of women who all live under one roof.

How Pheromones Work In Women

Still, the primary effect of these signals is its ability to trigger a strong sexual reaction from men. Of course, the need to be within close proximity. Desire after all, is believed to be largely a hormonal reaction and therefore very susceptible to influence from specific factors. Learn more about pheromones for women.

A major factor in the process of attractions is pheromones for women. Not only does it affect the behavior of the ladies themselves, but more importantly, it is believed to spark a positive reaction in men as well.

Sure, one can pile on the make-up, fix up their hair, workout tirelessly for the perfect hourglass body. But genes help quite significantly as well.

Pheromones, being a biological factor, can actually make men helpless in falling under the spell of a woman—any woman. Studies suggest that the more pheromones a female produces, the more men are found to be sexually attracted to her.


Generally, copulins appeal to the members of the opposite sex regardless of what these women look, sound and feel like. Pheromones are particularly exuded around the time of one’s ovulation cycle, so this is the prime time to seek out the perfect match for those on the lookout.

During this period, single ladies can go out and observe the heightened attraction of men to their presence. 

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What pheromones for women are believed to do is bring about a sudden and significant increase in men’s testosterone levels. As a result of this extreme boost of testosterone, the chances of men getting sexually excited by the nearby lady increases as well.

It is important to note that not everyone emits the same amount of pheromones. This gives some women the edge in dating, as they are able to effortlessly appeal to the men around them.

Unfortunately, this also means that there are other ladies in attendance who are left watching on the sidelines.

Pheromone Perfumes

Fortunately, the field is evened a little bit more with the presence of pheromone perfumes in the market. Nowadays, any one willing to shell out a little money can find out how the more “blessed” in pheromones live by buying one of those pheromone perfumes.

These are scents in the market that are infused with synthetic pheromones that are meant to make females much more desirable. Newbies in the dating scene may try one of the quality vendors on this site to get a hold of good pheromones for women.