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The Science of Pheromones


Have you tried a specific scent that seems to attract a lot of women? On the other hand, were there times when another scent seems to drive them away? That is best explained by pheromones.

What is a pheromone?

It is a chemical that generates instant and natural responses from other members of the same kind. Such responses could come from the same or the opposite sex. 

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There are also different kinds of pheromones. For instance, skunks let out a very foul smell that could last for a long time if they feel that they are aggrieved.

It is the same thing with squids. However, there are also pheromones that are meant to attract the opposite sex, letting them know that they are ready to mate.

A very good example would be the sea urchins. When they are ready to have offspring, they can produce pheromones into the water.

The chemical signal will then travel to other urchins in the same colony, compelling them to eject sex cells for reproduction. Butterflies and moths, on the other hand, produce a smell that can be detected by their mate as far as more than 6 miles away.

Are they found in humans?

Since humans are still categorized as higher forms of animals, we also produce pheromones, and they are used for the same things: attract a potential mate.

The only difference is that pheromones are highly individualized, and sometimes they are not easily perceived by the opposite sex.

It was in 1986 when Dr. Winifred Cutler and her team were able to reveal the presence of pheromones that were then produced by the underarms.

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By removing the underarm sweat, they were able to uncover some odorless materials that contain traces of pheromones.

Different Types

The pheromones that we must find in the perfume of quality and maximum efficiency are:


Androstenone is a human pheromone, which the community refers to as pheromones, basically, as a sex-based pheromone. Learn more at

Androsterone signals to people exposed, among other things, domination, aggression, competition, and is well known to be associated and to induce the feeling of strong sexual attraction.


Androstenol is a human pheromone, which pheromone enthusiasts have come to refer to a social pheromone. Exposure to androstenol signal the following, a sense of youth and vigor, kindness, comfort, relaxation.

In essence, in this case, a woman is exposed to androstenol would be more likely to be friendly and relaxed, and would feel more comfortable to engage in a prolonged conversation during the exposure period, meaning that they apply to enter or call is a pheromone social, excellent to "break the ice", and get conversations more quickly and friendly, especially with strangers.


Androsterone is a human pheromone that projects an aura of masculinity on the user, and a signaling impression of comfort. In other words, women exposed to a man using

Androsterone are more likely to see him as a protective alpha male type of man, who would traditionally take care of her and all her needs.

How can pheromones be used by humans?

Besides being able to attract the opposite sex, it could be a good solution for those couples who are finding it hard to bear a child. Good pheromones are those that can cause arousal or sexual desire.

Once the thought processes of humans on pheromones can be determined, researchers and experts would be able to devise a way on how to use such knowledge in making couples fertile.

They may also bring about positive moods among people. Seriously, you would definitely feel happier when you are around people who smell good, don’t you?

Are there ways to increase pheromones?

There are a lot of pheromone-enhancing products that are now sold in the market today. You just have to properly decide which among them would be best for you.

You can also increase your pheromones by taking zinc supplements. The mineral is known to improve pathways that can help generate pheromones.

You may also want to exercise since this routine can remove the toxins that are stored in the body. When the toxins are reduced, there would be more chances for your pheromones to come out, even if you are sweating.