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What Are Pheromones and Why Should You Care


 In this article, I discuss what are pheromones and why you should care.

Finding a soul mate is not the easiest task in the world. Many of us dream of the perfect moment. Imagine the perfect man or woman appearing in our lives to sweep us off our feet.

Most of the time, it does not happen that way. In reality, biology may play more of a part than any of us initially realize. More specifically, pheromones in humans may be more of the factor than all the music, flowers or chocolates in the world.

About Human Pheromones

Conclusive evidence has yet to be produced regarding the presence of pheromones in humans. However, extensive research by scientists suggests that pheromones do play a role in arousal. Learn more at

It is common knowledge that physically, men and women prefer those who look as if they could produce strong and healthy children. The sense of smell’s version of this is choosing a mate who is genetically compatible to them—identified by their scents.

Pheromones in humans actually have a genetic signature. It allows them to non-verbally communicate their compatibility to the members of the opposite sex.

The theory is that through their olfactory sense, both men and women can filter those incompatible with them. Learn more about the top pheromones at

More specifically, people are usually attracted to those with immune systems opposite of theirs. That way, their children would boast a more complete and well-rounded system. 

This is all done subconsciously, so it is better to trust your gut when selecting your next date—it just might be your body telling you this guy is the one!

The Effects of Pheromones

Not all of the effects of pheromones are for long-term relationships. Sometimes, sudden attractions are due to higher-than-usual amounts of pheromones being emitted. For example, ladies who are ovulating have been found to excrete a higher amount of pheromones.

This phenomenon has an immediate effect; higher pheromone levels are believed to directly increase testosterone levels in men as well. Men affected by the woman’s pheromones will most likely feel a spike in sexual excitement and attraction.

On the other hand, men produce copious amounts of pheromones in their perspiration. Fresh sweat (newly produced by the body) is extremely appealing to women.

This is because it contains a particular type of pheromone called androsterone.  This happens even though old or stale sweat that has been exposed at length to oxygen is extremely unpleasant for them.

A select group of men contain an amount of androsterone that is higher than average, giving them a significant advantage in dating. Even for males who are not traditionally attractive, the scent of pheromones appeals to woman’s most basic desires.

Based on the effects observed by researchers, the presence of pheromones in the body are generally considered positive for both social and health purposes.

Pheromones in humans often lead to happier and more active individuals, as well as ones who are more at ease in social gatherings. Of course, the most significant result of pheromones is in an increase in one’s sex appeal and even sexual activity.

Benefits of Pheromones

This array of benefits that pheromones in humans bring has lead to the rise in the sales of pheromone-infused products. From bath soaps to colognes, there are an endless collection of products that promise all of the advantages (and sometimes more).

It needs to be said that one should exercise caution when checking out these vendors. This list offers a selection of respected sellers. They are are dedicated to helping people find their soul mate through their pheromone products.