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Happiness and Pheromones

I came to this website and figured only teens in first place about how pheromones work. This doesn't mean from me that such detriment of this defamatory stage in our lives and much less. I use pheromones because I know they make me more attractive.

I interact with people of all ages. I have friends of 19 and 70. After reading a bit about human pheromones, clearly I saw that this forum go further beyond PUA pheromones (that was my first think).

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There are pheromone discussions that attracts me but -believe me I do my best- is hard to me to understand everything (mostly not achieve the necessary fluidity in my synapses to get in depth for much content in a language that is not my own one).

I agree with The Dude @jackmast: Age is just a just a number. But from my 35's, my life changed drastically. I fell in love in a different way than before, went to live with two women -don't get crazy: my girlfriend and her daughter, a girl of 8 years (now 18)- we had a daughter together too, and 8 years after the beginning of this story, we broke up. Today, it was two years ago. Pheromones help everyone.

Before starting that stage in my life (my "marriage"), I felt young and free, had reached an interesting peak of general disinhibiting, sexually I did not feel quite complete but living my scorpion-plutonian sexual energy, for those interested in pheromone attraction. Use pheromones to get girls and learn about pheromone perfume |

I had traveled the world, some places several times: all the 23 provinces of my country, all its neighboring countries, several countries in Central America, USA -Chicago, Miami, LA- City -and the north- of Mexico, Spain, Belgium, Norway, China ...

All those trips I've made was as a musician. Never paid a plane or a stay or a hotel. Then I was 35 and had tried with various recreational drugs. I laid with women, transexual, threesomes, orgies. Learn more about pheromones at

I've had played music from 25 years old in several bands with different musical styles, I was curious and changed my spiritual and religious beliefs several times.

I think my life was more than rich. But I felt unsuccessful. And honestly, feel it today half of the time.

But at last ,in those crazy years -before "marriage"-, I began to feel alone. Need to know and be paired with someone, have children. Learn more at and

Happiness and Pheromones

I guess we were happy the first two years, before starting to live together.

The first year of living, somewhere deeper in me, I knew it won't work, but yet we had desire, patience, tolerance.

By the third year of living together, we :-D become pregnant.

After the 1st year of my loving baby girl I already knew that many things definitely not going to work with my woman, my anger was gaining ground, as well apathy, certain personal dropouts.

We live a stressful and neurotic relationship for just over three years, we tried hard to go on, we wanted to continue trying again and again, we had good sex until the last moments, habituated sex, but good.

The separation was hard, as usually are when we deal with Depp feelings. Lack of work and money leaded me to land in my 43's at my mother's house for an year and a half. It should be noted: we never had a smooth relationship.

I deal with this intermittent cohabitation ( I lived in friends houses too), but I think it destroyed much of my brain, among other things.