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Pheromone Cologne Usage Tips


 Pheromone colognes have been getting more and more popular lately.

 About five years ago I read about the seductive power of human pheromones, skeptical at first I started to experiment with a few pheromone colognes and quickly saw the amazing effects they have.

Pheromone colognes greatly improved my success with women to the point where they became my secret seduction weapon.

Currently, I own more than 25 different pheromone colognes and I decided to create this site so I can share my 5 years of experience with them. I hope this site inspires you to get into the world of pheromone colognes and you’ll quickly see the power they have.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Pheromones

  1. Spray your pheromone colognes on the pulse points of your neck and wrists. These points are very warm and speed up the release of the pheromone molecules.
  2. Don’t spray pheromones on your clothes. You may stain them, make them smell bad or build up pheromone residue if you don’t wash them often.
  3. Start with small amounts. Human pheromones are very potent and in a lot of cases, smaller amounts give better results. Start with only one spray of the pheromone cologne that you’ve chosen.
  4. Experiment with a different number of sprays in different social settings. That way you’ll better understand how pheromones work and what amounts work best for you.
  5. You can cover your pheromones with your favorite cologne. This way you’ll get the seductive power of pheromones and the great smell of your cologne. It’s a double win.
  6. Let the pheromones dry down on your skin before applying cologne on top of them.

As such, it’s not realistic to try to smother your passion or fake your pheromone scent according to

Should I buy scented or unscented pheromones?

I always recommend on buying unscented pheromone colognes since you can then wear your favorite cologne on top of them. The scented ones limit you to how you can wear them.

Can I wear both pheromones and cologne?

Yes, I recommend wearing unscented pheromones with your favorite cologne. This will not tone down the pheromones down, they will still work. Cover cologne can be applied directly to the pheromones once they dry down.

What are some good colognes to wear with the pheromones?

I always recommend getting a good designer cologne. The ones that I’ve had a lot of compliment with are Angel Man, Dior Homme Intense and Creed Aventus.

How long do the pheromones last?

That depends whether they are alcohol or oil based. Most spray pheromone colognes are either alcohol or silicon-based and they last for around 3-6 hours. The oil based ones release slowly and can last for up to 8-10 hours.

What’s the difference between Alcohol and Oil based pheromones?

The main difference is how long they last. Oil based ones last more and they are more practical to wear to your workplace. Alcohol-based last less, but they release and hit faster and are recommended for clubs and bars.

Can I mix different pheromones?

Yes, you can mix different types of pheromones. You can accomplish very good results when you mix pheromones from different groups (example Sexual + Social pheromones). This way you can benefit from both types.

Should I reapply pheromones?

Spray based pheromones can be reapplied after few hours to keep them potent. It’s a good idea to carry small to-go bottles in clubs and bars so you can reapply pheromones as needed. Oil based ones don’t need to be reapplied since they can last through a whole day.

What if the pheromones don’t work for me?

Different people have different skin chemistry and some people produce more pheromones than others. That’s why people achieve different results with pheromones. Experimentation is the best way to see what works best for you. Experiment with different amounts in different social settings. Try both sexual and social pheromone colognes.

Indicators of Interest With Pheromones


Observe all the indicators of interest you receive. Some example indicators of interest are: more eye contact, more smiles, increased conversations, compliments, proximity, inviting language, touching.

Wash the application points on your skin with warm water and soap when you take a shower. Otherwise, you risk pheromone build up which won’t lead to the desired seductive results. Learn about Pheromones For Men 2015 | Baids

Pheromones are natural chemicals produced by the body and they are used to subconsciously send communicational signals with others around you. Pheromone when sensed by women subconsciously trigger an undeniable emotional response in the women’s brain.

That response brings sexual emotions, curiosity, and desire. There are numerous companies that sell pheromone colognes today. Experiment with various different products and different dosages until you find your sweet spot. The real fun begins after you find what works best for you, then you’ll see the amazing effect pheromones have on women.