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Do Pheromone Colognes Work? My Results


Do Pheromones work? They worked for me and I will explain why.

How I Discovered Pheromones

was reading an article in the newspaper about a New Scientific Advance, which was about the human sex hormones called pheromones.

The article explained how these substances called pheromones could instantly attract people of the opposite sex! At first I was a bit skeptical, but I realized that I really had nothing to lose trying. So he decides to give me a chance and do a test.

The first time I used the perfume with pheromones, I was shocked by what my eyes were seeing! Almost every woman I had in front of me smiled at me and in fact some started conversations.

It was incredible. I felt like a 'sexual magnet'. Everywhere I went, the girls were watching me closely, as if it were a piece of meat. But I do not care. I loved! But that is not all!

Now, happily, I have an attractive girlfriend who fulfills what I always dreamed and desired. And I owe everything to this amazing new scientific breakthrough.

Pheromones Worked For Me

This product has totally changed my life. I never even imagined in soils that I could be like a magnet for women , but I am! It is, without the slightest doubt, that once you start using this product that will change your life, the idea of returning it will not even go through your mind for a second ... it would be like returning a winning lottery ticket!

Since I am totally and firmly convinced that you will fall in love with pheromones, just as it happened to me.

Pheromones Work Invisibly

You walk into the room that is crowded with people. And you look around just taking in everyone as you make your way through the room. You are aware of everything; the sights, the music, the people, and the smells.

Finally, the crowd parts and there is the one woman or man that gets your attention. This man or woman is all you can focus on while the rest of the world just melts away. What exactly is happening? There is an old saying that opposite people do attract.

Do they really? Ever heard of two people being attracted to one another, but no one can understand why? Ever felt drawn to a person? Sometimes there is something special about a person that no one can put into words.

What makes a certain person so special? What exactly is it that makes some people attractive and some people less attractive? The answer to all of these questions may be the pheromones that a person is giving off.

The Truth About Pheromones


It is difficult to find the truth about pheromones. You need to explore the labyrinths, try out products – new and old. Still, you will most probably end up being cheated out of your money because of spurious products masquerading to contain pheromones.

What this article will try to do is dispel some of the myths associated with the product and in the process help you from being conned off your hard earned money.

So I will definitely suggest to you to read this article to gather requisite information about human pheromones. 

Pheromone Types

There are three type of pheromone molecules used in colognes and perfumes.

These are androstenone, androsterone, and androstenol. These pheromones are basically known to work and have a wide acceptance within the pheromone community.

In fact, they are found in nearly every pheromone for men and women.

If you are serious about increasing attraction make sure the pheromone cologne of perfume has at least one of the above-mentioned molecules.

Pheromone Benefits

Imagine yourself being irresistible to sexy men or women (any of the two you want) ... Getting more eye contact, more smiles, more conversations, more flirting, more sex. Sound impossible? It is not anymore!

Maybe you've already seen the stories about these amazing products with pheromones and their scientifically proven effectiveness in television shows like Dateline on NBC, 20/20, Hard copy, USA Today, national newspapers, or in medical journals.

What To Expect With Pheromones

When you use pheromone concentrate, even in small quantities, you will notice because people everywhere are reporting amazing results! Armed with the power of pheromones, you will soon experience the pleasure of feeling beautiful, sensual men and women approaching you, making eye contact, smiling and initiating conversations!

You can also have better social and business relationships, because people of the same sex will unconsciously detect pheromones and will have more respect and consideration.

All this may seem too good to be true, but it is not. If it worked on me, I have no doubt that it will work for anyone. And besides that, its scientifically proven effectiveness has been studied and documented for years!