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Pheromones In Humans Work

A pheromone is a chemical, secreted from the exocrine gland of an animal, that elicits a behavioural or physiological response by another animal of the same species and so acts as a chemical message. It is secreted as a liquid and transmitted as a liquid or gas.

I have been wondering whether pheromones in humans actually work. Most of the research done suggests that pheromones can increase attraction to the opposite sex.

The girl who was almost a 10 but after searching for 30 minutes I could find a really tiny flaw in her skin on her face. Who made me self-conscious when she sucked my dick in front of 7 sleeping people who I didn't know about human pheromones according to and

The girl who taught me how to kiss and who gave the best blowjobs ever and who taught me that being a fat girl doesn't mean you suck at sex. I think she was the best that I encountered (didn't fuck her though, I was too stuck up to fuck a fat girl just for sexual pleasure since I was a virgin).

The model looking girl who I kissed in 20 minutes during daytime (god I was way too much into her after that) and who kinda stole my wallet (yea lets just not talk about that... to make things weirder i still have her on facebook)

 I'm in an interesting pheromone attraction phase now, things start to get milder. I still can get really angry sometimes but it's easier to step back and see what really happens. The anger, the resentment, all the negativity. It does not control me anymore (sometimes temporarily). This realization helps me, I will always, always think of the girls that meant something to me. And since I only fucked 6 girls, they mean something to me. Learn about human pheromones attraction |

A corollary of this is that the list will only grow larger and larger and that more and more girls will be thought of and craved for. I don't crave them a lot, just a little sometimes.

There is even a cold approach that I still think about from time to time with natural pheromone production.

She was the perfect 10 (and swedish). When I saw her I thought "oh my god it's a frickin 10" (I saw 3 of them in my entire life). It's almost like catching Mew in pokemon. This time I approached her direct, that she was cute. She responded MEGA SUPER DUPER POSITIVE Pheromone signals! Learn more about pheromones at

I could handle it (somehow, my confidence wasn't that high). I showed her how she could control her state to excitement and to calmness (it completely worked). We talked for 90 minutes and then suddenly she says she has to go because she was going to a friend who discovered a day before that he has AIDS and basically she was 90 minutes late. I didn't see the IOI, I didn't bite, I was too insecure to ask her number for real pheromones. Learn more about the what are the best pheromones.

Sometimes I think: what if? But then again, the girls that I did meet, some of them fall in the same category as this girl but then not being a 10 on outer looks (but almost a 10 for example), so I kinda know the what if.

These girls stick in my mind. This all might come across as bragging. Well, it's my journal in freeflow. I do whatever I want in freeflow.

My Pheromones Research

I want to thank the colleagues at Rothamsted Experimental Station with whom I have collaborated at various times to study bee pheromones. These include: Dr C.G. Butler, A.X. Ferguson, Barbara Goult, A. Martin, Dr A. Mudd, Dr J.A. Pickett, R.A. Welch, Jacqueline R. Simpkins, Dr J. Simpson, Dr Yvette Spencer-Booth, P.W. Tomkins and Dr Ingrid H. Williams.