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Pherazone Ultra ...Best Pheromone Ever!


Pheromones are a popular way to attract women. One of the first pheromones I have seen is Pherazone Ultra which is claimed to be one of the most powerful products on the market. It is because of their bold claims I was intrigured to try it.

I had no clue how powerful Pherazone was, FYI. During the relationship I probably couldn't even properly articulate why you'd need androstenone pheromones. I probably couldn't now as well, I'm just noticing that this is what I did. I did it from a frame of self-amusement (now that idea I do know, credit: RSD).

But why does Pherazone work? Oh! Sure, because it is a super alpha male pheromone of the boundaries. It's kinda like mr. old school himself said (David Deangelo), 2 steps forward, 1 step back. It's kinda like the stock market. You don't think boundaries are moving, because they kinda look like you're going back and forth but you're actually going back and forth in an upwards motion (preferably...).

Man, either I'm talking a lot of nonsense or I'm actually starting to get it (or partially both). I have no clue how pheromones worked. The most interesting thing for me to notice is that I have developed some habits in my last relationship that are unflattering, The fortune tellers of yore, they knew it all along what I'd do!

Best Thing About Using Pherazone Ultra

So I guess a great thing about Pherazone is to have in general (also see post 2 for this) is to just imagine that my target is my ex-girlfriend. It's a dangerous assumption to make, because my target isn't. But it might give me some extra intuition in building pheromone attraction, because I apparently did that without realizing it... Dear lord, well I realize it now.

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Teaching myself how pheromones work from my reference experiences sure is eye-opening. All the tacit knowledge that is there already. It's awesome.

My current conversation style is pretty serious, if I don't consciously alter my state and all to allow seduction to happen. I talk about studies, I am fascinated by what people study. I am fascinated by all kinds of topics. I am curious. For some people, this isn't the case. And when it is the case I can already see them going to their heads (they look up a lot as well when they're thinking). I can see their body not really moving that much anymore and their head bobbling on their necks, that the neck is dearly holding onto. It's almost like if the head wants to jump of the body, leave and starts its own adventures! The head kinda already does that. I have that bobbling motion too probably, oh wait, no I know that I do, I record myself for reflection sometimes.

This conversation style does not allow for the renegotiation of boundaries. It sets them at our heads. With that I mean that our mindspaces are shared, ideas are traded and the knowledge will (hopefully) be critically examined by both sides. And this is only if both parties like to talk about studious topics!

Overall, Pherazone has proven to be highly effective for me and I recommend it to anyone.

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