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Pheromones and VNO Detection

The sense of smell is triggered when the nose encounters a pheromone molecule of scent. When you dip the tip of your nose into the fragrant petals of a lilac, for example, airborne scent molecules sweep into your nostrils and gather at a thin sheet of tissue in the roof of the nasal cavity. This tissue, called the olfactory epithelium, contains millions of smell receptor cells all housed in a remarkably tiny area of about one square centimeter per nasal cavity which can detect all types of pheromones according to Liquid Trust |

VNO & Pheromones

The epithelium contains four major types of cells: ciliated olfactory receptor cells, microvillar cells, supporting cells, and basal cells. The cells are nourished by the lamina propria, the layer of connective tissue that binds the epithelium to the bone or cartilage underneath. The vomeronasal organ is able to detect pheromones in animals and humans according to

Each receptor cell housed in the olfactory epithelium is adorned with microscopic hair like projections called cilia. 

The cilia are like tentacles floating in a layer of mucus. They are also greedy for scent molecules. Proteins on the cilia reach out in attempts to latch onto passing odor molecules. Once the pheromone molecule and the receptor cell hook up, the reaction is buzzed to the olfactory bulb at the base of the brain, just above the roof of the nasal cavity. From there, the signal travels to the brain and the odor is identified. Though seemingly complex, an odorant is really just a molecule that possesses a particular shape. When we inhale a molecule, it searches for and binds to the appropriate receptor sites. Learn about the benefits of pheromone cologne at

Damage to the olfactory epithelium can cause temporary or permanent loss of the sense of smell. According to the Olfactory Research Fund, anosmia is a complete absence of the sense of smell; byposmia is a diminished sense of smell. Pheromones do not need to be smelled to be detected.

Enjoying Your Pheromones

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