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Liquid Trust Oxytocin Pheromone Review


Liquid Trust is a new social pheromone cologne that makes people friendlier and conversations go smoother. It contains Oxytocin which is a very powerful bonding hormone which increases intimacy.

About Liquid Trust

Studies have shown that Oxytocin regulates female sexual behavior.

I’ve used it for a few months and noticed that people are easier to open, friendlier and open to more intimate conversation.

Women are more open to being approached too. Best to be used in the workplace, meeting or dates. It’s unscented and you can use it standalone or paired with a good sexual cologne.

About Liquid Trust Oxytocin

The new cologne “Liquid Trust” works by taking advantage of an Oxytocin formula. It helps influence the first impression you have with other people, including members of the opposite sex.

Now, it’s true that this isn’t the only thing that affects trust. After all, thoughts in your brain also influence what chemicals are produced. And Oxytocin is produced in a lot of natural situations as well, such as when two people make skin contact, or when various other things happen that can tip the brain one way or another.


But what chemicals such as Oxytocin can achieve, are the influence. If you have an aura of trust around you then it may very well be all it takes to convince other people of what you already know- that you are a trustworthy person.

Attracting women is a matter of having the right outlook. But Liquid Trust can help boost things in your favor through the use of the body’s natural trust grading system. The cologne helps take advantage of that by using the same actual system that’s used in the brain.

Many other colognes and tricks will use more artificial systems, by just having a strong smell in general, or through some other trick. Many other systems don’t make use of scientifically known principles like Oxytocin.

How to Use Liquid Trust for Attracting Women

Oxytocin is a chemical that regulates hormones in the brains of humans and other mammals. It also plays a prominent role in sexual attraction. Recent studies have shown that Oxytocin has a huge role to play in trust among people as well.

Basically, it’s a chemical that, when intensified, makes two groups of people or two individuals trust each other a lot more, and people outside of their group considerably less. It’s the chemical that guides many human relationships. It has a lot to say in “pair bonding” and in that initial situation where you meet someone for the first time.

How much should you trust a person that you just met? We like to think that rationality and reasoning are the most important determinants in how much we trust people. We reason that it’s our logic, our thinking through everything they say. Our analysis of how they look, what they do, our knowledge about them that matters.

After all, people spend a lot of time pondering over each other’s actions. They might think through who knows this person. They might think through the circumstances or a hundred other things that seem like they could put that person under the “trust” or “don’t trust” category in our heads.

The Value of Scent

The scent is one of those things we don’t often think about in our day to day interactions. But the truth is that hormones can deeply affect human behavior. And it’s also true that hormones are often influenced across scent.

When others are just walking around someone who has a powerful hormonally changing scent, they will be influenced without even realizing it.

The value of tipping the odds in your favor, of making people want to come to you rather than the other way around can hardly even be calculated. After all, this is one of the most important aspects of your life, and everybody has needs they have to satisfy.


Dosage: 2-3 spray. Lasts for around 5-6 hours.
Where to wear: Wear with friends and family, at the workplace.

Summary: Liquid Trust contains Oxytocin, people are open and friendlier, women are open and easier to approach. Learn more Liquid Trust |