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Pheromone Desires

Indeed, rejection is tied to our pheromone desires. If we weren’t desirous, we couldn’t be rejected. Our desire is our vulnerability. And so, when- ever emotions are involved, we’re susceptible to the fear of rejection. This is why men should use pheromones to attract women. As such, it’s not realistic to try to smother your passion or fake your pheromone scent according to

You can’t short-circuit your emotions with logic; you can, however, reprogram them with your mindset.

Thus, by understanding rejection differently, you’ll feel completely different about it... Most guys believe “success with women” means sailing through a date or interaction with a woman “rejection-free.”

Most guys imagine that the unscented male pheromones should immediately captivate a woman, that every request or proposal the man makes should be accept- ed, that the first kiss should be a “magic moment,” and that getting a woman home is as simple as saying, “Let’s get out of here.” For most guys, “pheromones” usually sends their emotions into a tail-spin and boost their confidence. 

Once that happens a woman instantly knows that man “speak” the language of sexual communication. Any guy who lets human pheromones bother him is a man who hasn’t seduced many women. Learn about Pheromones For Men 2015 | Baids

Perfect Pheromone Attraction

While this sort of fantasying works great in Hollywood movies, real life is never this seamless. In fact, if you ever have pheromone attraction that progresses “perfectly,” you probably did something wrong! Whether it was waiting too long for the kiss, not proposing going back to your place soon enough, or just chatting with her in a non-sexual way, doing it perfect means doing it wrong! Let’s repeat that, this time in bold: Doing it perfect means doing it wrong! As such, pheromones shouldn’t be seen as a dead end or a “no.” according to others

Instead, it’s a signpost indicating that you’re moving toward success! As outrageous as that may seem, the formula for success with women goes something like this: Pheromones + She Doesn’t Leave = Road to Success. To be more blunt: if you’re upset about getting rejected because of weak natural pheromone production, you’re betraying your inexperience with women. As such, this tenet contradicts how dating is often portrayed in the media or in movies. If you want to believe that you can careen through your dating life rejection-free, don’t read pheromone advice. But if you’re serious about learning how to communicate with pheromones in an attractive way, change your view of rejection.

This one mindset shift will revolutionize your dating success. Rather than seeing rejection as a reflection of “inadequacy,” you’ll accept it as a necessary part of attracting women.