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My Results with Chikara pheromones


Chikara pheromone cologne, sold by has become one of the most powerful pheromone products on the market. I have a lot of activities going on in my life, but I am not allowing myself to feel anxious which is why I chose to use pheromones for men. I am taking it as it comes, crushing it and moving forward. There's no point in feeling anxious. You gotta do what you gotta do, and the more you put on your plate, the more nutrients you have to grow from.

My observations about Chikara pheromone cologne

  • Feeling very comfortable in my skin.
  • Feeling very dedicated w/ high conviction.
  • Not allowing myself to commit to sub-par realities. - Living with an abundance mindset.
  • Not allowing myself to focus on any other reality than the one that I'm living (really encouraging this mindset when it comes to the library chick)
  • Trying not to talk bad about anyone in front of anyone.
  • Trying to gauge people's worth based on their personality, what mutual reciprocity could occur.. Rather than based on level of validation because I am the validation.

 Chikara is quite possibly the best pheromone product I have used. Chikara cologne highlights the main problem from that time: I did not follow my gut. If I had asked her for it, then I may have brought up the next time we will go out.. But rather, I waited for her to pack her shit up and then I made a writing gesture and lip spoke "your number" then she walked over and did the whole "Ohh, do you have a FB? Oh you don't, okay here". If you use pheromones then you must exhibit confidence around the opposite sex to be attractive. Learn more about Chikara pheromones at

Pheromones in humans work. If you are not paying attention to yourself, then you are taking your hands off of the wheel.. You will begin acting in ways that you don't realize. You will begin being influenced by the world rather than being given opportunities from it... You will become more and more of a little man. And something even more insightful: The moment you stop listening to even ONE remark of your gut is the moment that you take your hand off of the wheel..pheromones like Chikara do work in humans.

Everything that you do is keeping you on a particular frequency - the places you go, the things you think, the food you eat, the medication you take, the people you speak with, the music you listen to, the activities you partake in, ect. All of those things effect your current self and the world you influence and your influence on that world.. If your gut is telling you to change up one of those things in a particular fashion and you do not abide, then you are accepting ignorance of needed growth for the next evolution of yourself and therefore taking your hands off the wheel and allowing yourself to fall back into being the previous man you once were with human sex pheromones.