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How Penis Extenders Work UPDATED


Interested in owning a penis extender? It is normal for a guy to want a longer penis because bigger size below somehow equates to better sexual performance. This may or may not be true, however; there is nothing wrong with wanting a longer penis.

The desire to have it big may be attributed to too much watching of adult videos. You have to admit; those guys in the movies have it long and big. You can’t help but wonder, “How do they have it so big?” “What products are they using to get that size?”

You can increase the length of your penis by using penis extenders. By far, this is the only product that is proven to be safe and effective which is why there is an abundance of penis extenders in the market.

If you have not bought this type of device before, you might be surprised at how expensive it can be. To get a good product, you are expected to pay hundreds of dollars, no less.

Aside from being expensive, a lot of companies are marketing their products with a promise that it will make your penis as large as an adult model. How can you tell which one really works? Do you want to spend that much money on a product that does not do as intended? You can either enlarge your penis by performing enlargement exercises or you can make your own homemade penis extender.

How Penis Extenders Work

First, you have to understand how the device works if you want to create your own penis extenders. Extenders use tension to stretch your penis. When you look at the devices sold in the marketplace, it looks simple enough to be created at home.

It is made of two contraption rings; one sits at the base while the other holds the head and two rods which connect both rings. The rods are used to stretch the penis until you have achieved the desired results.

How To Use Them

While making your homemade penis extender device is tempting, there are several factors that you need to consider. First and perhaps the most important is the safety factor. Penis extenders are to be used daily for at least 6-8 hours over a period of 4-6 months.

In making your own penis extender, you have to remember that using the device requires comfort and a lot of care to avoid injury to your penis. An ordinary ring and elastic band may not be able to hold your penis firmly in position therefore appropriate tension may not be properly applied.

A penis extender should never cause you pain while wearing it. If you feel any discomfort, you have to stop wearing it. The advantage of making your own homemade penis extender is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make it. On the other hand, you can’t be sure that it will work.

Commercial penis extenders are quite expensive because they are proven to yield results. If you are serious about getting your penis longer, buy from a trusted and reliable brand such as Sizegenetics and do not just settle for homemade devices. If not done properly, homemade extenders can do more harm than good.

Penis Extender Results

If you are looking for solutions on how to increase your penis size without undergoing a surgical operation, you should know by now that penis extender is your best choice. There are many products in the market which are design for men seeking to augment the size of their manhood however, they are not all effective. Some can even damage the penis instead of developing it effectively.

Penis extender results are said to be gratifying that is why they have become the device of choice and have become more popular over time. With today’s technology where more people are using the Internet to search for products, searching for penis enlargement options becomes easier. Learn about the benefits of a penis extender.

A quick online search will lead you to different product reviews and forums where you can learn more about the product. People who have tried and used penis extenders openly discuss their results and experiences. Learn more about extenders at

What Do Work For Me?

There is no doubt that penis enlargement is possible, it will just depend on what your particular situation calls for and what you perceive your needs to be. I have tried almost all methods for penis enlargement. Most of them do work but results do not worth money and time spent. 

Learn more about extenders at The reason I recommend penis extenders because I know they do work and I achieved the best results by simply manipulating my body's natural growth. 

However, these devices should be worn for at least three hours daily. You will want to make sure that you are investing in a good stretcher so you can be comfortable while your penis grow.

Pherazone Ultra Review for 2018


Having read a ton of Pherazone reviews I decided to try it. There were promises of instantly being more attracted to the opposite sex…meeting more women, going on more dates and, more importantly, having more sex…


I am always skeptical of new pheromone products when they first come onto the market. There are tons of products that simply don’t work!

They need to be tested rigorously in different environments to make sure that they are not just another snake oil product designed to part you with your hard-earned cash.

And Pherazone is no different.

I took it upon myself to review Pherazone and the effect it has on women in three completely different environments.

The first thing that instantly grabbed my attention was that Pherazone claims to have THREE times more pheromones than other leading brands…

This alone had my mind spinning at the prospect of using one of the most powerful pheromones in the world.

 Pheromones are a popular way to attract women. One of the first pheromones I have used is Pherazone Ultra. 

About Pherazone 


Pherazone contains over 36ml of pheromones per fluid ounce and just one spray can last for six hours.

Pheromones in Pherazone

Below are the main pheromones found in pheromones.


Androstenol (abbreviated "nol", "-NOL") is a pheromone found in the fresh sweat of males and females. It makes the wearer more approachable due to increased sexual desire.

Androstenol has a very light, pine-like musky scent.


Androstenone (Abbreviation "none", prounounced "NOAN") is an original pheromone. It is generally only useful for men, as the percentage of men that are able to smell it is much lower than that of women.

While androstenone has not proven itself in any peer-reviewed studies, I have seen some amazing results while using it.


Androsterone ("rone", pronounced "ROAN") is another one of the older pheromones on the market, right beside androstenone.  Essentially, androstenone is an end result of Dehydroepiandrosterone, an adrenal hormone.

Dehydroepiandrosterone should not be confused with Pherlure's Di Dehydroepiandrosterone, which, does not exist.

In recent times, use of androsterone in different pheromone products has become more common. Check out powerful pheromones for men.

Pherazone Review: My First Impression

Alright, before I go on, I must admit that I find supermarkets a pretty daunting place to approach women. It’s probably because of the fact that there are usually a lot of other people around so if I mess up everyone will see.

I tried only one spray of Pherazone for this experiment. The best way I have found to apply pheromone colognes is to do so just as you would a normal cologne.

What I like to do is spray once on my right wrist then rub my wrists together and then rub them on my neck. That way you have all your “pulse” points covered.

It was a particularly rainy night and my immediate concern was that the Pherazone was going to wash off before I even made it to the supermarket door.

Upon entering I immediately noticed that the store was a little quieter than usual.

After grabbing a basket I ambled over to the fruit and veggie section to pick up a few things to buy. This was precisely when I had my first encounter.

A good looking lady, who couldn’t have been more than 30 years old, noticed me as I walked past her. I tried to play it “cool” (which admittedly, I am not very good at) and continued with my business.

I caught her glancing at me again – which made me feel a bit like a deer caught in a car’s headlights – and as all, I could conjure up was a wry smile.

My Surprise Results

"Idiot", I remember thinking

As it turns out that wasn’t the wrong move at all. She immediately flashed me a gorgeous smile. And there was no doubt that the Pherazone was having a positive effect on her.

As she walked past me she softly whispered a simple “Hi” and all I could manage was a “Hi” back. The best part of this particular experiment came when it was time to check out.

The lady behind the counter was a good looking woman, one that usually would not give me the time of day. She suddenly started to talk to me as if I had known her for years.

Granted she had served me before, but never seemed to notice that I was there.

More Sexual Attraction With Pheromones

Use of Pherazone will definitely increase the desire to have more sex according to This is because of the high concentration of the pheromones.


I found that Pherazone did indeed make a difference with women around me. I think that with a little more self confidence I could have easily and successfully asked one (or both) of the women out on a date.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your bottle now to get a free DVD on enhanced sexual pleasures. They are also shipped anywhere in the world when you order them online.

The product is shipped on the same day and would reach you in 5-7 working days.

They also have a 30-day money back guarantee plan. If you are unhappy with the product you can get your money back. 

 Learn more about Pherazone at



Chikara Pheromone Review for 2018


Today I want to talk about the Chikara Pheromone product that I recently got. I don’t need to remind you that there are literally thousands of pheromone products out there, and all of them claim to be the best.

I’ve personally tried this stuff and I could stop writing here and just say it’s great, but you’ll need more than that to convince you.

Here’s the breakdown of this awesome game enhancing pheromone.

About Chikara

Chikara pheromone cologne, sold by has become one of the most powerful pheromone products on the market.

The scent of Chikara was right up there with Pherazone in overall pleasantness. I'd recommend either of these products just based on their aroma alone.

But since we are more focused on the pheromone content and effectiveness rather than just the scent lets talk about the pheromones inside.

Chikara reports having the three major pheromones along with four "other" pheromones contained in their formula.

Test subjects reported good results with Chikara and that leads us to believe that their pheromone content is high.

Chikara is currently being sold on a website named Love Scent which has other pheromone colognes as well as customer comments which are mixed with positive and negative reviews.


Chikara is applied to pulse points, just like a regular cologne. Each of the three most common pheromones works in a specific way to attract women.

Pheromones in Chikara

Androstenone signals dominance, and is the most sexual of the three hormones.

Androstenol gives those affected by it a feeling of comfort, relaxation, and friendliness. Androsterone signals protection, security, and reliability. It is easy to see why women would be attracted to each of these signals..


So what are the effects of it? Let’s do a quick check and remind ourselves why we’re wanting a pheromone scent in the first place. You want to be more confident, more approachable, and ordinarily, have more luck with women.

Right? Of course, unless you wouldn’t be reading this post right now. Let me say that Chikara has you covered on all three bases and more.

First Impressions

First of all, the stuff just smells great. I mean, really, some of the other scents out there are just nasty, and you wonder how women would ever be attracted to it.

But Chikara actually has a decent smell to it, and I don’t mind wearing it. It doesn’t give me headaches or make me feel light-headed like some other products do. Immediately when I got it, I knew things would be looking up.

What does it do for the LADIES? Yeah yeah, you can feel on top of the world, but if it’s not helping out your game, you might as well come off the mountain.

I know that. Honestly, the results with Chikara were crazy. Women were approaching me and starting up a conversation without me doing anything at all! It seemed like they were all going out of their way to walk by my desk just to say hi or something. And this was just at work!


Chikara can be purchased online for as low as $59.95, and is considered one of the more effective pheromone colognes.  From my pheromone review based on effectiveness on attracting women, price, product delivery method and website we found that Pherazone was the overall favorite.

Chikara also scored fairly high but I saw better results with Pherazone.  Learn more about pheromones at

Semenax Sperm Pills Review 2018

While some men are born naturally capable of creating children easily, other men struggle to have a family. 

The treatment methods that many doctors prescribe can be invasive, uncomfortable and at times rather embarrassing.

However, Semenax is another option that men have to still create the family they have always wanted, without the embarrassing factors that tend to accompany doctors.

How Semenax Helps

The main purpose of Semenax is to increase the sperm count in semen. This is the main thing that can have an effect on the virility of a man.

And often is the biggest factor in determining if he can have a family. 

Millions of men each year are discovering that they have low sperm counts.

This is sometimes avoidable. However, changes that need to occur to correct low sperm count in the medical field can drag out forever.

Especially, when you are waiting for so many test results as well as the prescriptions that doctors prescribe.

In contrast, Semenax is readily available and proven to effectively double the amount of sperm within only a few weeks.

This type of result is considered amazing in the medical field. Especially, when you consider that Semenax is merely a pill that is not invasive. Instead, it ensures that you are able to retain your privacy. 

With most fertility treatments, you are forced to publically discuss your problems. With Semenax you are able to keep your personal business to yourself. Instead, you discuss the problem with someone whom you trust.

Overall Improvements



Aside from Semenax being able to help improve sperm count, it is also highly effective at improving sperm mobility. And it can improve sexual performance and even improves ejaculations.

Many men are so surprised at how well Semenax works that they wonder how they ever survived without it before. Learn more at

The power of Semenax is subtle because you are the only person who has to know you are taking it.  By taking a single pill, you are able to make huge improvements to your overall sexual lifestyle. You will also be able to improve your virility and increase your confidence in your performance.

For men who are looking for something that is capable of providing the benefits, look no further. Semenax is a great option to choose from. 


With results possible in as little as a month and full benefits are seen within 3 months there is simply nothing else that you can do, that will provide the results you want. Learn more at 

If you would benefit from Semenax then visit the main site and purchase some for yourself. The good news is that it comes with a fantastic 67-day money 100% money back guarantee so you can try it at no risk to yourself. Click Here for the main site.


The Truth About Magna RX

The truth is that Magna RX has become something that we use for so many things, other than nourishment. Magna RX is everywhere. Male enhancement supplements are so easily accessible. And it's acceptable to be using aphrodisiacs in all ways. We’re encouraged to do it. And it becomes this thing, this Band—Aid that busy people can use to make up for other things that they’re not getting. There are so many things that we use food for.

What I tell people, and if there’s one thing that people take away from what We’re talking about today, it's that if you are over eating, you’re doing it for a reason. We eat for a reason. We overeat for a reason. There's always a reason. And so much in our society, it has so little to do with hunger.

If you're busy, if you have a lot going on, there are things like exhaustion. And actually, if people are taking notes, you can write these down. And what you can do is make a circle, and put five little spots on the circle like like you're making a Ferris wheel or a hamster wheel. And let’s fill them in. So you’ve got exhaustion. So who isn't struggling to get enough sleep in our society?

You have emotions. Emotions that are overwhelming or emotions that you don't know how to deal with or emotions that maybe you don't want to deal with. You have stress. Avoidance. And what I mean by avoidance is that when you have things like exhaustion, and you have maybe emotions that you don't know how to deal with or you don't want to deal with, or this isn't the time to deal with. Learn about Magna RX at and

And maybe you have stress, then there are lots of things in life that we try to cope with by avoiding, maybe not thinking about or maybe escaping for a little bit or maybe just kind of, not just kind of, but denying and pushing down. How many times have you used the phrase, “I'm pushing it down with food.” Right. That's a way that we use libido supplements.

And that fifth thing on the Ferris wheel that you’re drawing out would be being to busy. Yeah. Once one of those pieces starts to become an issue for you, these other other things start to crop up. And they start to build on each other. And then, you have food, which is there. Which, you can grab quickly. Which, you can treat yourself with without impinging on anybody else or having to say no to something. Food becomes such an easy way to try to take care of yourself really quickly, temporarily. But it’s really powerful. And so if you just look at that cycle, it starts to get really clear, if it wasn't already, why so many high achievers can struggle with food. Even though everything else is really working pretty well, and also because they’re working so hard to keep everything else working really well, food becomes this super glue that's working in the background. But it's not really working.