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The Power of Extenders For Growth

What we're going to do, we're going to cover in these videos. We're going to go over how to fix your testosterone, how to get bigger and straighter, increase semen loads and we're going to cover things like infections in the prostate, bladder, urinary tract infections. We're going to cover everything having to do with having a bigger, badder and better experience as the owner of a penile extender.

Increasing length and girth safely. Fixing a bent schlong, a Peyronie’s. Doubling, or tripling cum loads. Raising testosterone, lowering estrogen because estrogen is a problem for most men. A lot of men have fine testosterone levels, but their estrogen is too high, and the effect is erectile dysfunction, low libido, low confidence levels, mental fog, and confusion, and it's because of the estrogen, not the testosterone. We're going to share you how to do that. We're going to show you to fix problems with cum, with semen. Bad taste, low volume, so you're going to have a very large volume of semen if you want that. You'll certainly have healthy levels of semen, rather than small amounts right now. Taste is something that women pay attention to.

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Taste is something they pay attention to, so we'll show you how to improve the taste, so it's really good and fixing infections. We're going to talk about that. That's what we're going to be covering right now. Let's get to it. The testosterone problem is really this. When you have testosterone, your body turns it into estrogen. They call it aromatization, a process of testosterone turning into estrogen. That's why if you get extra testosterone like from the doctor, you'll actually have more estrogen as well because the testosterone that's put into your body turns into estrogen. Estrogen is kind of a bummer for guys. That's the problem with testosterone, because what happens is, estrogen also creates high prolactin. Prolactin suppresses erections and lowers libido. There's another problem with testosterone in that, a lot of people have too much stress hormone going on, the cortisol. Learn more about extenders at

The production of cortisol cannibalizes the body's production of testosterone. If you have stress hormones, a lot of cortisol, you're going to have low testosterone. lfyou have high testosterone, you'll probably have low cortisol. You need to cut down cortisol, cut down estrogen. Most men have a way to high estrogen and a way to high cortisol so that it interfered with their testosterone and gives them erection problems. That's the problem with testosterone that we're going to solve.

I want to mention we're going to get a lab test going. A couple of things. They have this invention called free testosterone. They say, "Free testosterone is the only kind that's useful, we're going to look at free testosterone." It's just nonsense. Total testosterone is what's counts in your lab test, total testosterone. The free testosterone is this made up thing that they do in the lab. It's nothing to do with reality. Furthermore, I want to mention that DHT, is actually the active form of testosterone. Testosterone slowly turns into DHT in your body and DHT is what creates erections and powerful sex drive, and some things interfere with testosterone turning into DHT. The noted one that does that is finasteride. That's one reason why finasteride, which is sold for prostrate and for hair growth is a really bad thing. You don't want to interfere with that at all.

Pherazone Ultra ...Best Pheromone Ever!


Pheromones are a popular way to attract women. One of the first pheromones I have seen is Pherazone Ultra which is claimed to be one of the most powerful products on the market. It is because of their bold claims I was intrigured to try it.

I had no clue how powerful Pherazone was, FYI. During the relationship I probably couldn't even properly articulate why you'd need androstenone pheromones. I probably couldn't now as well, I'm just noticing that this is what I did. I did it from a frame of self-amusement (now that idea I do know, credit: RSD).

But why does Pherazone work? Oh! Sure, because it is a super alpha male pheromone of the boundaries. It's kinda like mr. old school himself said (David Deangelo), 2 steps forward, 1 step back. It's kinda like the stock market. You don't think boundaries are moving, because they kinda look like you're going back and forth but you're actually going back and forth in an upwards motion (preferably...).

Man, either I'm talking a lot of nonsense or I'm actually starting to get it (or partially both). I have no clue how pheromones worked. The most interesting thing for me to notice is that I have developed some habits in my last relationship that are unflattering, The fortune tellers of yore, they knew it all along what I'd do!

Best Thing About Using Pherazone Ultra

So I guess a great thing about Pherazone is to have in general (also see post 2 for this) is to just imagine that my target is my ex-girlfriend. It's a dangerous assumption to make, because my target isn't. But it might give me some extra intuition in building pheromone attraction, because I apparently did that without realizing it... Dear lord, well I realize it now.

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Teaching myself how pheromones work from my reference experiences sure is eye-opening. All the tacit knowledge that is there already. It's awesome.

My current conversation style is pretty serious, if I don't consciously alter my state and all to allow seduction to happen. I talk about studies, I am fascinated by what people study. I am fascinated by all kinds of topics. I am curious. For some people, this isn't the case. And when it is the case I can already see them going to their heads (they look up a lot as well when they're thinking). I can see their body not really moving that much anymore and their head bobbling on their necks, that the neck is dearly holding onto. It's almost like if the head wants to jump of the body, leave and starts its own adventures! The head kinda already does that. I have that bobbling motion too probably, oh wait, no I know that I do, I record myself for reflection sometimes.

This conversation style does not allow for the renegotiation of boundaries. It sets them at our heads. With that I mean that our mindspaces are shared, ideas are traded and the knowledge will (hopefully) be critically examined by both sides. And this is only if both parties like to talk about studious topics!

Overall, Pherazone has proven to be highly effective for me and I recommend it to anyone.

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My Results with Chikara pheromones


Chikara pheromone cologne, sold by has become one of the most powerful pheromone products on the market. I have a lot of activities going on in my life, but I am not allowing myself to feel anxious which is why I chose to use pheromones for men. I am taking it as it comes, crushing it and moving forward. There's no point in feeling anxious. You gotta do what you gotta do, and the more you put on your plate, the more nutrients you have to grow from.

My observations about Chikara pheromone cologne

  • Feeling very comfortable in my skin.
  • Feeling very dedicated w/ high conviction.
  • Not allowing myself to commit to sub-par realities. - Living with an abundance mindset.
  • Not allowing myself to focus on any other reality than the one that I'm living (really encouraging this mindset when it comes to the library chick)
  • Trying not to talk bad about anyone in front of anyone.
  • Trying to gauge people's worth based on their personality, what mutual reciprocity could occur.. Rather than based on level of validation because I am the validation.

 Chikara is quite possibly the best pheromone product I have used. Chikara cologne highlights the main problem from that time: I did not follow my gut. If I had asked her for it, then I may have brought up the next time we will go out.. But rather, I waited for her to pack her shit up and then I made a writing gesture and lip spoke "your number" then she walked over and did the whole "Ohh, do you have a FB? Oh you don't, okay here". If you use pheromones then you must exhibit confidence around the opposite sex to be attractive. Learn more about Chikara pheromones at

Pheromones in humans work. If you are not paying attention to yourself, then you are taking your hands off of the wheel.. You will begin acting in ways that you don't realize. You will begin being influenced by the world rather than being given opportunities from it... You will become more and more of a little man. And something even more insightful: The moment you stop listening to even ONE remark of your gut is the moment that you take your hand off of the wheel..pheromones like Chikara do work in humans.

Everything that you do is keeping you on a particular frequency - the places you go, the things you think, the food you eat, the medication you take, the people you speak with, the music you listen to, the activities you partake in, ect. All of those things effect your current self and the world you influence and your influence on that world.. If your gut is telling you to change up one of those things in a particular fashion and you do not abide, then you are accepting ignorance of needed growth for the next evolution of yourself and therefore taking your hands off the wheel and allowing yourself to fall back into being the previous man you once were with human sex pheromones.

Semenax is a powerful male supplement

Semenax is a powerful male supplement used to enhance orgasm in men while boosting ejaculation. Another type of orgasm and one this highly overlooked is the prostate specific orgasm. I also like to call this orgasm ”female orgasm in a male bodied person”. Men who have experienced this type of orgasm often refer to feeling how a woman must feel during a vaginal orgasm. That is because this type of orgasm is felt deep in the body and almost always occurs with internal prostate stimulation. I have had male students report experiencing multiple orgasms through prostate massage without having an ejaculation. And some of them experience this during their first massage. Learn more at

Let's go east now and explore a different idea of orgasm. Much of eastern sexuality draws on the idea that we are made up of energy. We can also think of energy as the sensations that we experience during sex. Much of the sensation is experienced in the genitals, but you can learn how to move that sensation throughout the entire body. In eastern sexology we call this Transmutation. It simply means moving the sexual energy from the genitals up through the body and increasing sperm by 500% with Semenax and Volume Pills. With the power of intention, breath, and movement you can master where you want the sensations to go. This is when you experience heart orgasms (moving the energy into the heart), brain orgasms (moving the energy into the head) or full body orgasms (moving the sexual sensations/energy throughout the entire body).

 Controlling Ejaculation with Semenax

This week’s materials are exercises that will give you complete control over your ejaculation response by supplementing with Semenax so that you can last as long as you want… longer than you ever thought possible… and longer than any woman will ever desire.

We will be building on the skills from week 1, so if you have not been working on the Kegel Arpeggios and the meditations, you need to start that work right away to get the maximum benefits from this program. You have also, hopefully, been working from the “Command & Control Strategy Guide: 5 Tips For Lasting Longer In Bed”, and getting some practice in these methods. This work is important for your ultimate success in this program. When you add this week’s methods for delaying ejaculation, along with the exercises that you have been doing, you will see very rapid and steady improvement. If you already have control over your ejaculation, with these exercises, you will be able to control your ejaculation while increasing your arousal and sexual excitement levels much more than you have in the past… and if you have had trouble with premature ejaculation in the past, you will get extremely fast results in eliminating that problem so that you can begin practicing withholding ejaculation at higher levels of excitement. Trust in this process. It may take some practice, but it works .

Semenax will give you the orgasms you have longed for so make sure to try it today.

The Truth About Magna RX

The truth is that Magna RX has become something that we use for so many things, other than nourishment. Magna RX is everywhere. Male enhancement supplements are so easily accessible. And it's acceptable to be using aphrodisiacs in all ways. We’re encouraged to do it. And it becomes this thing, this Band—Aid that busy people can use to make up for other things that they’re not getting. There are so many things that we use food for.

What I tell people, and if there’s one thing that people take away from what We’re talking about today, it's that if you are over eating, you’re doing it for a reason. We eat for a reason. We overeat for a reason. There's always a reason. And so much in our society, it has so little to do with hunger.

If you're busy, if you have a lot going on, there are things like exhaustion. And actually, if people are taking notes, you can write these down. And what you can do is make a circle, and put five little spots on the circle like like you're making a Ferris wheel or a hamster wheel. And let’s fill them in. So you’ve got exhaustion. So who isn't struggling to get enough sleep in our society?

You have emotions. Emotions that are overwhelming or emotions that you don't know how to deal with or emotions that maybe you don't want to deal with. You have stress. Avoidance. And what I mean by avoidance is that when you have things like exhaustion, and you have maybe emotions that you don't know how to deal with or you don't want to deal with, or this isn't the time to deal with. Learn about Magna RX at and

And maybe you have stress, then there are lots of things in life that we try to cope with by avoiding, maybe not thinking about or maybe escaping for a little bit or maybe just kind of, not just kind of, but denying and pushing down. How many times have you used the phrase, “I'm pushing it down with food.” Right. That's a way that we use libido supplements.

And that fifth thing on the Ferris wheel that you’re drawing out would be being to busy. Yeah. Once one of those pieces starts to become an issue for you, these other other things start to crop up. And they start to build on each other. And then, you have food, which is there. Which, you can grab quickly. Which, you can treat yourself with without impinging on anybody else or having to say no to something. Food becomes such an easy way to try to take care of yourself really quickly, temporarily. But it’s really powerful. And so if you just look at that cycle, it starts to get really clear, if it wasn't already, why so many high achievers can struggle with food. Even though everything else is really working pretty well, and also because they’re working so hard to keep everything else working really well, food becomes this super glue that's working in the background. But it's not really working.