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Become multi-orgasmic

I used to be one of the worst I feel entitled to reply here...

 Since this is a place of knowledge I'm one to seek stuff out. Found Ross Aken's stuff. It's not here but it's really good. Covers everything.

Ask my girlfriend we literally spoon to entire movies.

What really used to piss me off was getting a girlfriend / few fb's. then building this awesome stamina and losing it once I hit a "dry patch".

Basically you don't have that anymore. Maybe the first time, which always sucks, but usually "just getting back into it"... the first girl isn't really a keeper anyway. Most of the time lol. You get your stamina back almost instantly if you ever stopped keeping up with it. Learn more about extenders at

It starts with a free course so you can check it out. I remember finding his stuff from a link in comments on a blog. Just use this link I still have the link I saved ---

But what's cool is once you get a few weeks in, you can literally control where you are. Of course you're not Jesus that can unleash his seed on command or anything like that, but you really get a sense of control. You get a bunch of insight and you can really understand what you're doing. I've experienced that lasting is a skill, and you can get to a point of conscious competence and eventually start leaning into unconscious competence. Your progress steamrolls. Learn more at

 I doubt i'd be able to have kept my relationships as long as I had if I hadn't found his material. I'm crazy passionate about it. If there's one thing I can really share when it comes to meeting girls is being able to last. But its awk to talk about so ofc I don't.

Become multi-orgasmic. Learn more at

Realise you first have orgasm, then ejaculate. With strong pc-muscle you can block the ejaculation. Not sure if breathing necessary step, maybe. I think it helps. I didn't get you should contract pc-muscle for like 10-15 seconds according to and

I think Kriya Yoga has helped me also with this.

Quite a new skill for me. Never really worked for me, but now it does. Stop thinking of sex as a means to an end (orgasm). To do this, you have to train your mind. That's what the fap-stop technique does. The aim of the fap-stop technique is to become proficient in knowing what is your point of no return. You have to train your mind so that you're able to stop yourself when you want to.

Here's how it works: Fap till you're about to orgasm, and just before you reach the point of no return, stop. Keep doing this. Eventually, you'll get blue balls, which is fine because you're training yourself.

Another good thing about this technique, is that if you get yourself to the point of no return and stop, and repeat, eventually, when you do decide that you want to orgasm, your orgasm will be a lot more intense.

Do this while having sex. As soon as you're about to cum, stop. If stopping doesn't help, pull out. During the time you take to recover, you can: change positions, go down on the girl, or finger her. Mix it up.

Another thing you might want to try: control your thrusts. Don't thrust all the way in every time. Do 10 half thrusts and then a full thrust. This will feel awesome for your gf too. Randomize the full thrusts so she doesn't know when to expect it. Keep practicing.