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How To Mix Your Own Pheromones



Today I want to show you a couple different ways of how you can mix pheromones as well as how and where to apply them to be sure that you get the best possible results. So for starters, if you're new to the pheromone world, we do have premixed pheromone blends readily available on the website, like NOA for men or women.

We also have pure pheromones available on the website for you to make your very own custom creations depending on the reactions that you want from others or how you want to feel yourself. So say you're a man looking to attract someone and you want to feel competent but not too dominating...

What Is A Good Pheromone Mixture?

A good mix for you would be NPA for men and Scent of Eros for men. So this is an unscented pheromones blend as well as a scented blend. So those are great combinations. And you would want to start by just applying one single drop of the NPA to one wrist.

Rub your wrists together and then let them dry. And then once they're dry completely, you can take the Scent of Eros and just roll it on your wrists and then rub them together again and any remnants that you have leftover just apply behind your ears or your neck. And it's as simple as that. So with all pheromone products, it's best to apply them to our pulse points according to

So this means our wrists, behind the ears, the base of the throat, the inside of the elbow, or behind the knees. These are the spots that are veins are closest to our skin, so they're already warm and they act as natural diffusers when we wear perfumes, colognes or pheromones. Pretty Cool, Huh? Okay. So now we know how to apply them. So let's go back to the mixing.

Pheromone Mixtures to Attract Women

So say you're a woman looking to attract someone. You could try out a couple of different combinations. A good one that's already nicely balanced would be Primal Women, which has androstenol and copulins and the Scent of Eros for women.

So you could simply follow the same steps that we did before with the NPA for men, but you would put a drop of the Primal Women on your wrist, rub them together, let it dry, and then add the Scent of Eros for Women. Just roll it right on over it and if you didn't feel like rubbing it behind your ears, you could rub it on the inside of your elbows and you're good to go.

Or another great balanced combination is to double dose on copulins which women naturally already produce and it increases men sexual desires. You could add the Primal Women that already has the copulins in it with one to two sprays of the Pheromone de Femme.

The main thing here is to note that we want to mix an unscented product with a scented product. So if you didn't feel like mixing it with Pheromone de Femme, you should still mix Primal Women or NPA or any other unscented pheromones with a scent cover to make sure you cover over the Musky scent that pheromones naturally produce.

It tends to smell a little bit like body odor, so we definitely don't want that when we're wanting to attract someone. So again, a great combination, Primal Women and Pheromone de Femme. You would follow the same steps again, just put one drop, rub your wrists together and let them dry.

And then just add one to two sprays of the Pheromone de Femme. and then simple as that. Again, good to go.


So now I want to show you a couple of other ways you can use and mix pheromones. If you want to make things really convenient for yourself you can use an atomizer. You would just add your favorite perfume or cologne and add your pheromone mix of your choice or a roll on which is great for more oil based mixtures. And these are both available on the website and then you can custom create your own magical goodness. Learn more at