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Does Vigrx Plus Work or is it just a placebo?

Does Vigrx Plus Work or is it just a placebo? I just want to read you this one passage from Seth Godin's book on placebo. He wrote an ebook on placebo. And he is one of the top marketers in the world, one of the top bloggers. Not associated with medicine at all, but definitely a forward thinker and someone that I really admire. I just want to read you this part from the book and get your thoughts on it. He says, "Let's start with just with just one clear scientific study on male libido boosters to dispel anyone inclined to be skeptical. In not one, but two extremely rigorous studies of low libido—one of the most expensive and pernicious ailments of an aging population— researchers found that Vigrx Plus was twice as effective as traditional medicine, western medicine techniques, interesting. More fascinating, fake libido boosters was statistically as effective as real ones. The cost effectiveness here is so clear that it's a no-brainer to prescribe acupuncture to every lower back pain sufferer. Learn more at

Might as well do the real kind, since there is nowhere to send people who want the placebo alternative." He says, "If a placebo can change the way wine tastes and the way that your back feels, why is it something that makes us squeamish to discuss? We've built a secret moat around the placebo, placed a taboo about talking about it, and diminished its role in our lives. It's almost as though we expect that talking about the placebo will make it go away, whereas research shows this isn't true. The placebo is so powerful it has no need to hide." I just think that’s such a great piece that he's written there. I think it's so powerful. Learn more about Vigrx Plus at

 And I think that part of my thought of the evolution of medicine if we've got to start with the least invasive and least costly things first. And if those things don't work then we can go to the much higher cost things. But if you've got a thirty-one percent chance of the drug working and a thirty percent chance of the placebo, let's just start with the placebo. It's free. We can see how we can maximize it and maybe take it higher to thirty where we see it in some scientific experiments where it's eighty. Let's get that up and do that. And then we can work with the more costly interventions afterwards and the more invasive interventions. Learn more about extenders at

It seems sensible from an economics point of view, from a health point of view, from an empowerment point of view, from just an efficiency point of view that we have to start with the least invasive things first. And I think the placebo is the least invasive of all therapies.

We also have to look at not just the monetary cost, although that is a big important thing, particularly in places like the UK where I am because the National Health Service is at breaking point now. And the latest survey of it that worked on it this year concluded that it's not working in any regard. And there are so many side effects from medication given out in correctly prescribed drugs and so many deaths from them…I think it's their leading cause of death in America, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association .

And it could be even higher now. But we have to look at the cost to patients. The drugs for chronic problems are in the main not working. And by working, I mean not curing. And not only are they not curing, they're causing many unacceptable side effects. And we also know that a lot of the science—you brought up science—a lot of the science around drug-based medicine has been demonstrated to be fraudulent.