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Penis Extenders are the Best Enlargement Device



In this article, I will explore the effectiveness of penis extenders and how they can incrase your size permanently.  How effective and are penis extenders these days? Read below to find the answer.

Penis Extender Devices Explained

Penis extenders have come a long way since the technology was first developed. The unique design of the X4 Labs penis enlarger allows patients to achieve an increase in both length and girth without requiring the risks of surgery. X4 Labs penis extenders can also be used to treat penile curvature and Peyronie's disease, and the design of these extenders allows men of all ages to enjoy the benefits. 

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Benefits of Using the Penis Extender by X4 Labs

Many products on the market claim to increase the size of the penis, but the penis extender by X4 Labs is one of the few products that actually delivers. Pills and creams are ineffective, and other penis extenders use an outdated, uncomfortable design. Men can increase both length and girth to improve sexual performance by using the extender. Benefits of the enlarger include:

- A significant increase in the girth and length of the penis

- Higher confidence in the bedroom and public places

- Improvement of erection quality

- Increased sex drive

Permanent increases in the girth and length of the penis means the penis extender by X4 Labs is ideal for men who suffer from micropenis. The significant addition to the size of the penis can improve a man's sex life and help boost confidence in the bedroom. Men who work out at the gym or play team sports have no reason to be embarrassed about size issues in the locker room after using the X4 Labs penis extender.

Other Benefits of a Penis Stretching Device

Clinical studies also have shown that a penis stretcher is an ideal device for penile curvature correction

Does a penis extender also increase width?

Yes. Both your length and girth will increase with the use of a penis extender. This is a common misconception and you will find all gains are proportional as the extender creates new cells which increase the size of the internal cavities throughout the whole penis.

Can a penis extender help with cases of Peyronie's Disease or a curved penis?

Yes. Penis extenders have been clinically proven to correct penile curvature. By using an extender on a daily basis it causes the body to create new cells. This, in turn, helps to break down the old scar tissue and reduces the symptoms of the condition. Independent clinical trials by urologists have shown a correction of up to 90% in mild cases.

Can I wear a penis extender while I am sleeping?

Not recommended. Many patients have reported the device to become dislocated due to movement and night erections. However, if after several weeks you feel confident with the device you may try this technique.

How many hours per day and for how long should I wear the device for?

The minimum usage per day is 4 hours (maximum 9hrs). The device should be worn for at least 6 months to achieve good results. Sometimes we find patients may find it difficult to do 4 consecutive hours per day so you may, for example, break this up into 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night depending on your routine. In the beginning, it is also recommended to take rest periods every hour for 5 minutes by removing the device. This resting period depends on the sensitivity of each patient.

Are the gains permanent?

Yes. Penis extenders have been clinically proven to produce permanent penile enlargement. Urologists have tested the validity of this with patients who had used the device for 6 months. They were returned after 12 months and all showed the same gains as they had when they finished using the device. 

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Will I achieve gains both in flaccidity and erection?

Yes. Penis extenders provide enlargement in flaccidity as well as in erection.

If I have an erection while I am wearing the penis stretcher, what will happen?

The extender will simply slide off your penis. You may experience some pressure but it will be relatively painless. Learn more at 

Will the force of traction caused by the device effect erections or cause sexual impotence?

No. The tension force applied is only minimal and has been shown to have no adverse effects on the penis. In fact, patients have reported a higher sex drive and an improvement in erection quality due to increased blood flow! Learn more at

Is it necessary to seek the advice of a doctor before I use your penis extender?

No. Penis extenders have been doctor approved for in-home use. However, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or you feel you may need medical follow-up it is preferable to seek the advice of a urologist. 

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