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Three Best Ways To Increase The Size Your Penis


Every man is eager to know the methods of how to enlarge your penis but they feel shy and shameful in discussing it with others.  They secretly search on the web, in men health magazines and articles. Some of them dare and consult to a sexologist for their problem. But many times you get disappointed for not getting the appropriate results and many times few methods are too costly for you. But now over here you will get the perfect steps and tips to let you know how to enlarge your penis.

How To Enlarge Your Penis Tip

Here are some tips to enlarge your penis.

Trim or shave your pubic hair

Sometimes it is seen that we have a long penis but due to long and unshaved pubic hairs penis looks small because enough length is taken by pubic hairs. You may feel fear in trimming or shaving your pubic hairs; it may cause injury or cut your skin. You can trim your pubic hair with a small scissors. 

Just trim it to a suitable length for you. If you want to shave your pubic hair then can be a little bit difficult but you can do it. First, if you have to trim your pubic hair because the razor cannot shave the long hairs. After that use some shaving cream, gel, lotion or oil to lubricate the area for a shave and then just move your razor over it until it gets clean.

Be sure that you are moving your razor with the grain, if you get against it may cause red bumps and irritation which causes itching. One thing more, be careful that you must trim or shave in a toilet so that you can flush it immediately or if in room use dustbin or trash can so that you can dispose of it instantly else it may be humiliating for you and others.

After the shave use some aftershave, which will be burning for some time but will prevent you from infection. After you got you pubic hair trim or shaved, you will get a new size of your penis that was invisible due to long pubic hairs.

Go For Hot Bath

The next step after trimming and shaving is to go for hot water bath or shower. Scary, but believe me it is effective. It might get easy for you if have your partner with you for it. You have to just stand under the hot shower or be in the tub for a while or few minutes and get out. Learn more at

You will see that your penis has swollen from its normal size and looks big. Taking it on regular basis will help you to enlarge your penis. This technique is commonly used as pre sex showering.

Go for enlargement devices

There are so many enlargement devices in the market available today. You can buy it and use it according to the instruction given on it. Be sure that the device you are buying is branded. The best option will be to buy online as it will help you to have a review of the products and you can compare the products according to your requirement.