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Beautiful Portrait photography on Nantucket


Do you want to know how to hire a good portrait photographer? Most importantly, are you confused about how to tell if you’re choosing a good photographer? Basically, think about these things before making a final decision. We want to be the right fit for your photography needs, but we know that we have a specific style and approach to doing things. It may not be the right fit for everyone who needs a great portrait photographer.

Usually, when a photographer has plenty of good experience, he can create a better portrait portfolio for you. But this also comes at a much higher price.

In terms of quality, everyone knows that you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for cheaper options, you may not get a quality photographer with creativity. But if you’re willing to pay top dollar, then you can get the portraits that you truly want and deserve.

So, what should you look for in a good Nantucket portrait photographer?

Choose one that has the following:

  • A good satisfaction guarantee that includes a refund policy
  • Sample portraits from their other clients
  • Good communication

Let’s look at each of these things in more detail and talk about how we handle things here at Betsy’s Photography. Yes, there are probably other things you should consider, and we can address those things as well. Let’s start with these things first.

Look for Experience

Always consider a photographer’s years of experience. Make sure he has a high level of quality and is qualified to handle the job. Check his references and trade associations. Membership in professional organizations shows his level of commitment to his craft. This can help with your final decision on who to hire.

Here at Betsy’s Photography, we can give you a list of client testimonials. Also, be advised that we are a member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Detroit Professional Photographers Association. In addition, Betsey has a Master Photographer degree and a Photographic Craftsman Degree.

Look for a High Level of Satisfaction

Make sure your chosen Nantucket portrait photographer guarantees his work and offers a refund policy. Will this photographer retake photos if you are unhappy? Or will you have to pay extra for retakes? Be advised that we have a solid refund policy. The good thing is we rarely have reason to use it. If you are unhappy with your portraits, we will gladly reschedule a new session, at no charge.

Request Samples

Request samples of a photographer’s past work. Make sure it is his work and not just random samples from the studio. This helps you choose the right style and quality. Know what a specific photographer is capable of. Don’t get stuck with a random photographer on staff. Also, insist to see photograph samples from actual client sessions. Staged or promo portraits can’t help you choose the right photographer.

At Betsy’s Photography, your photographer, Betsy Finn, will communicate with you during each step of the photography session. During the complimentary consultation, she will meet with you to show past client portraits via projected slides and albums. We only use portraits from past clients because we want you to know what you are really getting. Learn about photography at

Good Communication

Things will not go well if you’re not able to communicate with your chosen photographer. Do you know what happens during each step of the portrait process? Does he really know what you want? Do you know what services you’ll receive? Do you know what to pay? A good photographer should know how to communicate and find out things about you and your family such as favorite colors, activities and other interests. This makes it easier for him to suggest great picture locations or suggest the right clothing for the photo shoot.

We try to explain every detail of the portrait session so you will know what to expect. Betsy can address any concerns you may have ahead of time. The more we know about you and your family, the greater chance you will get the best portraits imaginable.