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How To Use Pheromones Effectively


When it comes to pheromones you have to keep in consideration that there is a lot of sensationalism. Most people write and talk about pheromones without having a complete understanding of how they work.

Well, first things first! I am a natural born skeptic who spent time and money testing most of the pheromones on the market. 

With that said, I will proceed with what I have found that works.  So what I present to you here its nothing but my own separate research and what works.  Learn about the best pheromones for 2018.

About Pheromones

Generally, pheromones are a natural chemical that sends a subconscious scent or signal to your opposite sex which can trigger powerful sexual responses.

These signals can be detected through an organ that is located three inches inside your nose and this organ is known as Vomeronasal Organ.

Vomeronasal Organ

Whenever the Vomeronasal organ detects pheromones scent, it will deliver a strong sexual response signal to the human brain.

The VNO or Vomeronasal Organ is a receptor organ of human sensory system which involved in chemical communication.

The odors that are produced by human are called as pheromones and it will send a signal to the opposite sex for a communication. For example, sexual activity is one of them Learn about how pheromones really work.

Pheromone Application

For example, the pheromones that your body releases tell a great deal about your fertility and, therefore, how attractive a woman finds you. If you spray these desirable traits onto your body, women are sure to find you more attractive.

How To Use Pheromones

Have you ever wondered how to use pheromones on yourself to attract opposite sex?

These colognes are best applied to your skin or any of your pulse points such as behind ears, wrist, and neck.

However, do not put too much of it on your body. One spray is of this love scent is necessary. Well, it depends if you want to attract women who are above 30. All you need to do is to spray once and then spray more on the following days.

The best sequence of spraying I can recommend is twice for a day and once for the next day. On the other hand, if you want attract women who are under 30, it is advisable for you to stick with one spray.

Again, do bear in mind that using more does not mean that it will increase its effectiveness. Also, by using less pheromone cologne, your supply will not run out fast.

Most Effective Pheromone Molecules 

The most effective pheromones are namely:

• Androstenol –

• Androstenone –

• Androsterone –

These pheromones are added to colognes for men to increase their desirability from women When the cologne is sprayed on pulse points, men become more sexually attractive.

They become more assertive in flirting with women, and yet more emphatic in their seduction methods. In the end, pheromones added to men’s colognes will up the ante in the dating game.

However, these should be complemented by other ways like good grooming, good personality, and good manners.

How Pheromones Affect The Opposite Sex

The strongest pheromones can be highly beneficial for humans, which are typically used for communication purposes. These remarkable chemical signals can make the attraction between people incredibly strong.

All of the pheromones within your body are used for different purposes; however, sexual attraction is the most common.

These pheromones are nature’s way of helping you to attract the perfect mate. You will be unaware of what your body is doing, and how it is attracting other people.

Pheromones will trigger a significant response within your body, and attract the opposite sex. In the animal world, these pheromones are used to communicate with one another and mark territories.

They can also be used to leave trails and mark where there is potential food for other members of the pack. Learn more about pheromones at

You will be unaware of the pheromones being released. The sensations and feelings that you are experiencing are triggered by the vomeronasal organs, which are found in your nose.

These will be able to detect the strongest pheromones and sends signals to the brain, which causes a reaction. This reaction can either be one of delight and attraction or detest and repulsion. Learn more about Nude Alpha Male Pheromones.