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How Do Pheromones Work?


Now that we know what pheromones are, we can look at how they work.

What Are Pheromones and How Do They Work?

If we were to group all of the pheromones together into one category, it could be said that pheromones are chemicals that our bodies release for the specific purpose of eliciting a response from another member of the same species.

Pheromones Are Everywhere

It has been observed that pheromones are inherent in every living species on this planet. In other words, they are not limited to members of the animal kingdom. They have been found in plants, insects, and even bacteria. They are used to communicate and send messages that are cooperative, territorial and yes, even sexual.

The easiest way to observe the effects of pheromones is to watch and observe various animals and their mating behaviors. When a female member of any species is in heat, they are said to be fertile in their menstruation cycle. Other males of the same species are inexplicably and uncontrollably drawn to this female with an urge to mate with her.

The intense desire and the behavior portrayed by these animals release pheromones of their own designed to solicit responses from the female. This uncontrollable behavior has often been responsible for two males to fight over the same female.

How Pheromones Are Sensed

Sexual pheromones in humans are thought to be both odorless and invisible — yet can be sensed through nasal passages through an organ called the vomeronasal organ. Studies have shown that some human beings do not have a vomeronasal organ or have shown that their vomeronasal organ is blocked.

Even under these conditions, these people are still affected by pheromones that are sensed through the nasal passage.

When a pheromone is sensed, the signal is sent to the anterior hypothalamus area of the brain — the very same area of the brain that controls both emotion and desire.

Female Pheromones

f:id:mpommett79:20180120112335j:plainSex pheromones are created internally and discharged externally through bodily fluids produced by reproductive organs. One such type of pheromone that has been positively identified are known as copulins.

Copulins are produced by females in the female vagina. They are released from the vaginal opening.

Copulins are most potent when the woman is at the peak of her fertility and her monthly cycle. Whenever a woman moves or even breathes, minuscule amounts of copulins become airborne and are released into the air.

Copulins have a direct effect on men when they are sensed. As they are sensed, a man's testosterone level begins to skyrocket. This has the effect of substantially increasing sexual desire.

Pheromones and Males

In men, sex pheromones are called and androstenone and androsterone. Both of these pheromones of work harmoniously on a female. The females sense the dominance portrayed by a man.

One of the man's traditional gender roles is that of a protector. When a woman senses a man's ability to protect, the female responds with sexual arousal. Learn more about pheromones at

These two male sex hormones have a direct effect on the production of the luteinizing hormone in women. The increase in this particular hormone is directly associated with the sex drive in females. Learn more about pheromones for men 2018 |

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