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The Edge Pheromones Review


The Edge pheromones took 2 years to develop and millions of dollars in research and testing of this fine Pheromone Product. Edge Pheromones is La Croy Chemicals Co. best-kept secret with only 2.4 mg of Pheromones per bottle. This nifty little cologne stands next to the best ones out there. 

I contacted the nice people at and had them ship a couple of bottles of Edge Pheromones to try out. In about a week in a half, it was already here waiting to get picked up at the post office. I went and picked it up and decided to wait a while and do some research before I wore it. 
Like I have stated before, pheromone usage and results vary with people. But it is also a big part of the blending of the product itself that matters. For example, Androstenone is one of the leading sexual pheromones. Edge Pheromones gives that extra kick needed to obtain what you desire. The Edge Pheromones contains 2.4 mg of androstenone and 2 more “secret” pheromones. I managed to research what was the real secret behind them and it all goes back to the formula. Learn more about what are the best pheromones for men.

Pheromone Formula

  1. Androstenone
  2. Androsterol
  3. Alcohol
  4. Fragrance

First Impressions

 Judging by the good reviews from customers I decided to give The Edge a shot. I took a shower and made sure I had no other scents on my body. I then followed the instructions and sprayed twice around my neck and wrists. The first thing I noticed was the very soft smell of sandalwood. I  automatically thought “ this is a sexually based cologne”.
Most colognes that are meant to get sexual hits are usually composed of androstenone and androstenol. You can see that in every pheromone cologne that claims and delivers those results. Where was I going to go with that type of pheromone cologne on a weekday?
Well, I decided to wear it at work. When I arrived, my boss, Andy decided to send me to the third floor to assist with some inventory issues. I went upstairs and saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Her name is Rachel and she was checking me out I first got there! I introduced myself and noticed that she kept texting and giving me long stares. Was she telling her friend she was alone on the third floor with a stranger? 


I usually pay no mind to anything when I'm at work so I initially ignored her. About 45 minutes before noon she calls my name and says “can you come hold this ladder?” I replied “of course”, and I walked towards her and held the ladder until she was done counting boxes. She comes down and she says "thanks, by the way, I can't help but notice that you seem a little uncomfortable to me. It's okay! I don’t bite". So I automatically thought to myself she had to smell the cologne I am wearing! I laughed at her statement and wanted to try and see how far the pheromones would take this. I said: “Hey do you want to go to lunch?” “It's in 15 minutes!”
She said yes and we went to this little Italian hoagie place nearby and we talked for over an hour. The funny thing is that she tells me how when I first walked upstairs she thought I was a creep. This made me laugh. I knew it anyways but it was good to know that she actually warmed up to me because of the pheromones. I told her I had a girlfriend and that I was happy to make a new friend at work!.
If there is something worse than not getting any chicks, it is being a skeptic guy that doesn’t get any chicks. Well, that’s me! I was the guy that wouldn’t try anything to help the situation until a friend and I decided to order pheromones.  So far we have tested good ones, regular ones, and garbage ones. Some of them are so bad I won't even mention review them but this isn’t the case with The Edge. This cologne has proven to me that there is hope. 


At first, I wasn’t sure about using The Edge pheromones! So when I decided to give it a try, I was impressed by the results! It did break the ice and god only knows what else would have happened if I didn’t say I have a girlfriend. Anything was possible that day! The Edge Pheromones is a great everyday spray you can wear anywhere.