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Vitamins That Boost Your Sperm

There are a variety of vitamins that boost your sperm count. Plenty of it. Very careful with zinc. Not anymore, I would go on the low end, rather than the high end. 20 milligrams to 50 milligrams of zinc. Celery seed ground up, you could just use a spice grinder and buy celery seed. You can get it on Amazon, or somewhere and grind it up. It definitely works. If you don't grind it up it will hurt your stomach or your gut; it's not really good for you. Grind it up and mix it up. Next thing you do is gelatin or collagen. Collagen is totally soluble in water. You just dissolve it and drink. Gelatin you got to dissolve it in cold water and soak it for 20 minutes. Then add very hot water and dissolve it and then let it cool and drink. It's a lot more of a hassle.

Oysters have an actual physiological based reason. A wax lasts about six to eight weeks, and you don't get the razor burn. You don't get any razor burn with a wax. The biggest problem with waxing is that you can get ingrown hairs from waxing. The problem with waxing is that it goes on the scrotum, a man's testicles are very sensitive. If you want to have a clean scrotum, I wouldn't necessarily do wax myself. You can wax around the rest of it and then shave that. Yeah, yeah.

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There just a lot of... In this area where I live, near Philadelphia, there's a lot of what they call European waxing center. If you don't know what that means, that means they specialize in the genital area.

Okay, now we know what those are. You could do it yourself, and it really works great. No problems with it. It looks better. I think some people say it looks better. Some people decry it as... It could look better. It certainly makes a man look bigger. It makes his penis look bigger. There's no question about that.

They're very high in glycine, which is extremely helpful for big loads and for overall health. In addition, you got to get some copper in you. Utilizable copper, because when you have zinc, you need to have copper, or you'll have a large copper shortage. You need to have cow's liver, or beef liver, or oysters, or both once a week. It's very hard to get enough copper and other trace elements otherwise. Add about one, to three tablespoons of sugar, or honey for taste. Mix it all up and drink it down. Then you will start having big loads really quickly, like in a few days. It's amazing; it's really amazing. That's the formula for that. This will also help your body overall. It's just good for your health. You'll find it very useful.

Last thing I want to mention the oral sex protocol, which is just for taste. If you want a woman to give you oral sex Smoking, alcohol, meat and asparagus seem to be bad for taste, especially asparagus.