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Semenax is a powerful male supplement

Semenax is a powerful male supplement used to enhance orgasm in men while boosting ejaculation. Another type of orgasm and one this highly overlooked is the prostate specific orgasm. I also like to call this orgasm ”female orgasm in a male bodied person”. Men who have experienced this type of orgasm often refer to feeling how a woman must feel during a vaginal orgasm. That is because this type of orgasm is felt deep in the body and almost always occurs with internal prostate stimulation. I have had male students report experiencing multiple orgasms through prostate massage without having an ejaculation. And some of them experience this during their first massage. Learn more at

Let's go east now and explore a different idea of orgasm. Much of eastern sexuality draws on the idea that we are made up of energy. We can also think of energy as the sensations that we experience during sex. Much of the sensation is experienced in the genitals, but you can learn how to move that sensation throughout the entire body. In eastern sexology we call this Transmutation. It simply means moving the sexual energy from the genitals up through the body and increasing sperm by 500% with Semenax and Volume Pills. With the power of intention, breath, and movement you can master where you want the sensations to go. This is when you experience heart orgasms (moving the energy into the heart), brain orgasms (moving the energy into the head) or full body orgasms (moving the sexual sensations/energy throughout the entire body).

 Controlling Ejaculation with Semenax

This week’s materials are exercises that will give you complete control over your ejaculation response by supplementing with Semenax so that you can last as long as you want… longer than you ever thought possible… and longer than any woman will ever desire.

We will be building on the skills from week 1, so if you have not been working on the Kegel Arpeggios and the meditations, you need to start that work right away to get the maximum benefits from this program. You have also, hopefully, been working from the “Command & Control Strategy Guide: 5 Tips For Lasting Longer In Bed”, and getting some practice in these methods. This work is important for your ultimate success in this program. When you add this week’s methods for delaying ejaculation, along with the exercises that you have been doing, you will see very rapid and steady improvement. If you already have control over your ejaculation, with these exercises, you will be able to control your ejaculation while increasing your arousal and sexual excitement levels much more than you have in the past… and if you have had trouble with premature ejaculation in the past, you will get extremely fast results in eliminating that problem so that you can begin practicing withholding ejaculation at higher levels of excitement. Trust in this process. It may take some practice, but it works .

Semenax will give you the orgasms you have longed for so make sure to try it today.