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Pheromones in Elephants

When a stallion gets a whiff of a mare in heat, he slips into I what appears to be overly aggressive behavior due to the natural pheromones: He harasses the female, kicking and biting at her until she urinates. When this happens, the stallion knows he is on the way toward accomplishing his goal copulation.

He moves closer to the mare, preparing to snort her urine by curling his lips back and flaring his nostrils in a gesture called flebmen. By performing flehmen, the stallion enhances his sensitivity to the mare’s taste and moves her pheromones into his VNO. A “reading” of this sort tells him the state of the mare’s reproductive health and the propriety of his advances. You can learn about the power of pheromones at

Camels, deer, zebras, giraffes, and rhinos also use the pheromone sniffing method and lip curl to determine the sexual availability of their females. The rhinoceros is the most skilled at urine (and pheromone) spraying. A rhino can send a twelve—foot stream of urine to broadcast his presence. This action is akin to fencing off an area and putting up a sign that says KEEP OUT: TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED. This is the power of aggressor pheromones found in mammals thanks to

Pheromones in Elephants

It’s next to impossible to not notice a bull elephant in a state of sexual pheromone excitement. Indeed, the male is so aroused and prone to fits of extreme aggression that some zoos won't keep male elephants on the premises. There is a one-word reason for this prejudice: 

Musth means “intoxicated” in Urdu. A bull elephant experiencing musth, which can last up to two months, does act as if he’s consumed too much liquor and is pressing for a bar brawl with anyone who will participate. Learn more about pheromones at

The cause of musth is the bull’s raging pheromone and testosterone levels, which are pumped up to fifty times normal. With rivers of sex pheromones coursing through his veins, the bull elephant is unpredictable and edgy—and definitely in the mood for some attention from a female (cow) elephant. Learn about the best pheromones for 2016 

What the male elephant really wants is to find a cow in heat; when he does, he will watch over her like a harem master, waving off with ear-splitting bellows and threatening gesture. Check out Best Pheromones for 2016 |

A male in musth exhibits several unmistakable signs, including a preoccupation with marking anything in his path with a gooey secretion produced in the temporal glands on the sides of his face. He will graffiti the local vegetation with this secretion, either by rubbing the glands against trees or shrubs or by touching his trunk to the secretions and then smearing the substance around. He will also spend a great deal of time autographing his territory with his pungent, pheromone-laden urine.

Like stallions, male elephants display pheromone activity when exposed to the urine of the female. Instead of flaring his lips, though, the elephant coats the end of his trunk with the female’s urine and then tastes the liquid. This taste test facilitates copulation between the male and the female, as it keys him in to her reproductive cycle.