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Herpes & Dietary Requirements


In general, dietary requirements are related to changes in body processes under different conditions. Attacking herpes in an otherwise health body with lage doses of single nutrients such as vitamin C, E, A or minerals like magnesium or zinc, amino acids, etc. will have little or no effect. However, conditions such as chronic stress or unusual dietary habits can result in deficiencies that can affect immune system functioning and cellular repair. Correcting deficiencies is really what we are interested in here rather than making additions to good general nutrition. There can, in fact, be a danger of operating in favor of the virus with massive doses of single nutrients. For example, vita- min E is a fine substance that can enhance general resistance to infection. But megadoses can serve to inhibit many immune responses. A good multivitamin nutritional backup is a good idea. But anything else should be used only after a consultation with your physician according to

LYSINE. A single amino acid that has received considerable attention because it is cheap and readily available, lysine is reported to inhibit viral growth by blocking the use of another amino acid, argenine, in virus manufacture. The ratio of lysine to argenine has been shown to be a factor in virus production in vitro (outside the body in a laboratory). Lysine and argenine are essential to many body reactions and are found in large quantitities in normal balanced diets - lysine in red meat, potatoes, brewers yeast and milk, and argenine in chocolate, nuts and raw cereals. There are no definitive results showing that altering the lysine/argenine balance has any effect on recurrences even though subjective reports from thousands of herpes sufferers appear to support the notion that lysine supplements help to reduce symptoms. There is no clinical proof of this. Lysine may be labelled as a great placebo according to

The picture that emerges from exploring the medical treatment pharmacopoeia:

  • Antivirals and associated research are providing optimism for the future. Large studies have been made in the treatment of ocular herpes, encephalitis, and herpes in immune-compromised patients. No substance can be said to prevent outbreaks of genital or facial herpes directly, although some individuals have been helped. Viral shedding may be reduced, but this is minimal help, since he rash is still there.
  • Playing with vaccines and other immune modulators doesn’t appear to be a good idea, according to our current knowledge, or lack of it. Checking for deficiencies in immune function in cases that are more severe than they should be may be a useful avenue. These cases, however, are often linked to chronic stress. Removing the stress most often brings immune responses back to normal, with automatically reduced herpes symptoms.
  • Dietary approaches are also less helpful. Additions to a normal diet will most likely do nothing against herpes, while corrections of diet problems may well have an effect. 

In essence, while a few substances may help the body fight herpes, none can eradicate the recurrent virus. Go to  and to learn more about herpes.

Stamina RX and Phallic Enlargement

Stamina RX is one of the best male enhancement pills on the marke but there some addtional steps you can use if you want get the best results.

Progressive Relaxation - The first of these procedures involves learning deep relaxation. Progressive relaxation is an essential key to rapid and effortless learning and to the alteration of our inner drives and motivations.

We recommend that you set aside a quiet period daily for relaxation or meditation time. The typical amount of time to set aside is about 15-20 minutes.

Visualization - A second factor that is extremely important is visualization - using words, pictures and emotions to provide vivid, visual mental pictures of your goal. These mental pictures repeated over and over again, in a relaxed frame of mind, help you create a new self-image, to see yourself in a different way.

They are like a rehearsal for our daily lives a practice session. Repeated studies have shown that the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between a real experience and one that is vividly imagined in great detail, these mental pictures become a part of our lives and can affect our habits and our internalized self-image.

Reinforcement - the third important factor is reinforcement. After all we’ve spent most of our life developing our present self-image. Using visualization consistently and following up with reinforcement will enable you to change your self- image.

Each time you follow the techniques described in this book you will be making more and more progress as it becomes easier and easier and more apart of you.

Phallic Enlargement the Easy Surgery-Free Wa

Perceptive feedback - the fourth important factor in perceptive feedback. Feedback is another essential key to learning. Feedback is simply a process of guided learning that emphasizes correct responses. Learn more at and

Put all these factors together and you have the essence of how visualization works. By following the simple learn- ing program for a few minutes a day, you can learn to influence your bodily processes, change your inner motivations and to change your self-image.

Using the Methods

 Now that we have discussed the scientific basis for this exciting new penis enlargement method, it’s time to learn the simple instructions for using it.

To review what we have learned so far here are the main points:

1) Scientific studies have proven that you can control bodily functions consciously.

2) It works by teaching simple learning procedures which help to increase blood circulation in the penial area and thus stimulate natural, normal penial growth.

3) The methods are mastered through the use of “mental scripts” which employ a four—phase learning program.

a) Progressive relaxation - to speed the learning process

b) Visualization - to facilitate increased blood circulation in the penial area

c) Reinforcement — to ensure and maintain rapid learning and retain what has been learned

d) Perceptive feedback - to help in monitoring and improving the learning process becomes easier and easier and more apart of you.

Perceptive feedback - the fourth important factor in perceptive feedback. Feedback is another essential key to learning. Feedback is simply a process of guided learning that emphasizes correct responses according to

Put all these factors together and you have the essence of how visualization works. By following the simple learning program for a few minutes a day, you can learn to influence your bodily processes, change your inner motivations and to change your self-image.

Beautiful Portrait photography on Nantucket

Portrait photography on Nantucket has becoming incredibly popular with all the beautiful scenery and summer weather. Here are some tips of you are a Nantucket portrait photographer.

Using Programmed Auto 1. Set the Mode Dial to P. 2. Set the ISO. 3. Press the shutter button half- way. The camera displays the selected ISO in the viewfinder, plus the aperture and shutter speed required to give the correct exposure at that setting. Note: Pentax camera users should refer to their manuals as their cameras have more options in P mode. ISO (photographer sets ISO).

Program Shift In Program mode you set the ISO and the camera sets the aperture and shutter speed accordingly. Another feature that sets Program mode apart is that you have the capability of overriding the camera’s selected aperture and shutter speed settings.

This feature is called Flexible Program by Nikon. Canon, Fujifilm, Sony, Olympus, Pentax and Sigma call it Program Shift. To use Program Shift, push the shutter button half-way down. This tells the camera to take an exposure reading from the scene and choose an appropriate aperture and shutter speed. These are displayed in the viewfinder so that you know what they are.

If you want to override the camera’s settings, simply turn the dial to the left or right. You will see the aperture and shutter speed change together. You can keep turning the dial and the aperture and shutter speed will continue to change. They only stop when you reach the limits of the aperture settings of the lens or the shutter speeds of the camera. You will understand why when you think back on the lessons learnt in the previous section. If you change the aperture so that it’s wider, then it will let more light pass through the lens. You need to set a faster shutter speed so that the correct amount of light reaches the sensor. If you change the aperture so that it’s smaller, you need to use a slower shutter speed to allow the correct amount of light to reach the sensor. Why would you want to change the camera’s settings?

We have already seen how aperture and shutter speed affect the way the photo comes out. Creative photographers use both these settings to influence the look of the photo as well as obtain correct exposure. Learn more at and

Imagine that you are using your camera in Program (P) mode and the camera sets an exposure of 1/125 second at f8 and ISO 400 (above). But what if you would prefer to use a different shutter speed or aperture value? Simply turn the dial on the camera (left) to change the aperture and shutter speed settings in tandem. For example, if you wanted a slower shutter speed, you could change it to 1/60 second. The camera would set the aperture to f11 to maintain the correct exposure (below). Learn about photography at

Using Aperture Priority (A) Programmed Auto (P) is a useful mode (and its usefulness is extended by the Program shift function), but what happens if you want to set a specific aperture value for creative reasons? We’ve already explored some of the reasons why you might want to do this. You might choose to use a wide aperture when you take a portrait, to make the background go out of focus. Or you may want to use a small aperture to take a landscape photo where everything within the frame is in focus. Aperture Priority is a mode designed to let you do exactly this. It works very simply. Just set the Mode Dial to A (or Av if you have a Canon or Pentax camera), and use your camera’s dial to set the aperture. The camera sets the shutter speed according to the light levels and the ISO setting.

Happiness and Pheromones

I came to this website and figured only teens in first place about how pheromones work. This doesn't mean from me that such detriment of this defamatory stage in our lives and much less. I use pheromones because I know they make me more attractive.

I interact with people of all ages. I have friends of 19 and 70. After reading a bit about human pheromones, clearly I saw that this forum go further beyond PUA pheromones (that was my first think).

Learn more about pheromones at

There are pheromone discussions that attracts me but -believe me I do my best- is hard to me to understand everything (mostly not achieve the necessary fluidity in my synapses to get in depth for much content in a language that is not my own one).

I agree with The Dude @jackmast: Age is just a just a number. But from my 35's, my life changed drastically. I fell in love in a different way than before, went to live with two women -don't get crazy: my girlfriend and her daughter, a girl of 8 years (now 18)- we had a daughter together too, and 8 years after the beginning of this story, we broke up. Today, it was two years ago. Pheromones help everyone.

Before starting that stage in my life (my "marriage"), I felt young and free, had reached an interesting peak of general disinhibiting, sexually I did not feel quite complete but living my scorpion-plutonian sexual energy, for those interested in pheromone attraction. Use pheromones to get girls

I had traveled the world, some places several times: all the 23 provinces of my country, all its neighboring countries, several countries in Central America, USA -Chicago, Miami, LA- City -and the north- of Mexico, Spain, Belgium, Norway, China ...

All those trips I've made was as a musician. Never paid a plane or a stay or a hotel. Then I was 35 and had tried with various recreational drugs. I laid with women, transexual, threesomes, orgies. Learn more about pheromones at

I've had played music from 25 years old in several bands with different musical styles, I was curious and changed my spiritual and religious beliefs several times.

I think my life was more than rich. But I felt unsuccessful. And honestly, feel it today half of the time.

But at last ,in those crazy years -before "marriage"-, I began to feel alone. Need to know and be paired with someone, have children. Learn more at and

Happiness and Pheromones

I guess we were happy the first two years, before starting to live together.

The first year of living, somewhere deeper in me, I knew it won't work, but yet we had desire, patience, tolerance.

By the third year of living together, we :-D become pregnant.

After the 1st year of my loving baby girl I already knew that many things definitely not going to work with my woman, my anger was gaining ground, as well apathy, certain personal dropouts.

We live a stressful and neurotic relationship for just over three years, we tried hard to go on, we wanted to continue trying again and again, we had good sex until the last moments, habituated sex, but good.

The separation was hard, as usually are when we deal with Depp feelings. Lack of work and money leaded me to land in my 43's at my mother's house for an year and a half. It should be noted: we never had a smooth relationship.

I deal with this intermittent cohabitation ( I lived in friends houses too), but I think it destroyed much of my brain, among other things.

Become multi-orgasmic

I used to be one of the worst I feel entitled to reply here...

 Since this is a place of knowledge I'm one to seek stuff out. Found Ross Aken's stuff. It's not here but it's really good. Covers everything.

Ask my girlfriend we literally spoon to entire movies.

What really used to piss me off was getting a girlfriend / few fb's. then building this awesome stamina and losing it once I hit a "dry patch".

Basically you don't have that anymore. Maybe the first time, which always sucks, but usually "just getting back into it"... the first girl isn't really a keeper anyway. Most of the time lol. You get your stamina back almost instantly if you ever stopped keeping up with it. Learn more about extenders at

It starts with a free course so you can check it out. I remember finding his stuff from a link in comments on a blog. Just use this link I still have the link I saved ---

But what's cool is once you get a few weeks in, you can literally control where you are. Of course you're not Jesus that can unleash his seed on command or anything like that, but you really get a sense of control. You get a bunch of insight and you can really understand what you're doing. I've experienced that lasting is a skill, and you can get to a point of conscious competence and eventually start leaning into unconscious competence. Your progress steamrolls. Learn more at

 I doubt i'd be able to have kept my relationships as long as I had if I hadn't found his material. I'm crazy passionate about it. If there's one thing I can really share when it comes to meeting girls is being able to last. But its awk to talk about so ofc I don't.

Become multi-orgasmic. Learn more at

Realise you first have orgasm, then ejaculate. With strong pc-muscle you can block the ejaculation. Not sure if breathing necessary step, maybe. I think it helps. I didn't get you should contract pc-muscle for like 10-15 seconds according to and

I think Kriya Yoga has helped me also with this.

Quite a new skill for me. Never really worked for me, but now it does. Stop thinking of sex as a means to an end (orgasm). To do this, you have to train your mind. That's what the fap-stop technique does. The aim of the fap-stop technique is to become proficient in knowing what is your point of no return. You have to train your mind so that you're able to stop yourself when you want to.

Here's how it works: Fap till you're about to orgasm, and just before you reach the point of no return, stop. Keep doing this. Eventually, you'll get blue balls, which is fine because you're training yourself.

Another good thing about this technique, is that if you get yourself to the point of no return and stop, and repeat, eventually, when you do decide that you want to orgasm, your orgasm will be a lot more intense.

Do this while having sex. As soon as you're about to cum, stop. If stopping doesn't help, pull out. During the time you take to recover, you can: change positions, go down on the girl, or finger her. Mix it up.

Another thing you might want to try: control your thrusts. Don't thrust all the way in every time. Do 10 half thrusts and then a full thrust. This will feel awesome for your gf too. Randomize the full thrusts so she doesn't know when to expect it. Keep practicing.