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Happiness and Pheromones

I came to this website and figured only teens in first place about how pheromones work. This doesn't mean from me that such detriment of this defamatory stage in our lives and much less. I use pheromones because I know they make me more attractive.

I interact with people of all ages. I have friends of 19 and 70. After reading a bit about human pheromones, clearly I saw that this forum go further beyond PUA pheromones (that was my first think).

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There are pheromone discussions that attracts me but -believe me I do my best- is hard to me to understand everything (mostly not achieve the necessary fluidity in my synapses to get in depth for much content in a language that is not my own one).

I agree with The Dude @jackmast: Age is just a just a number. But from my 35's, my life changed drastically. I fell in love in a different way than before, went to live with two women -don't get crazy: my girlfriend and her daughter, a girl of 8 years (now 18)- we had a daughter together too, and 8 years after the beginning of this story, we broke up. Today, it was two years ago. Pheromones help everyone.

Before starting that stage in my life (my "marriage"), I felt young and free, had reached an interesting peak of general disinhibiting, sexually I did not feel quite complete but living my scorpion-plutonian sexual energy, for those interested in pheromone attraction. Use pheromones to get girls

I had traveled the world, some places several times: all the 23 provinces of my country, all its neighboring countries, several countries in Central America, USA -Chicago, Miami, LA- City -and the north- of Mexico, Spain, Belgium, Norway, China ...

All those trips I've made was as a musician. Never paid a plane or a stay or a hotel. Then I was 35 and had tried with various recreational drugs. I laid with women, transexual, threesomes, orgies.

I've had played music from 25 years old in several bands with different musical styles, I was curious and changed my spiritual and religious beliefs several times.

I think my life was more than rich. But I felt unsuccessful. And honestly, feel it today half of the time.

But at last ,in those crazy years -before "marriage"-, I began to feel alone. Need to know and be paired with someone, have children. 

Happiness and Pheromones

I guess we were happy the first two years, before starting to live together.

The first year of living, somewhere deeper in me, I knew it won't work, but yet we had desire, patience, tolerance.

By the third year of living together, we :-D become pregnant.

After the 1st year of my loving baby girl I already knew that many things definitely not going to work with my woman, my anger was gaining ground, as well apathy, certain personal dropouts.

We live a stressful and neurotic relationship for just over three years, we tried hard to go on, we wanted to continue trying again and again, we had good sex until the last moments, habituated sex, but good.

The separation was hard, as usually are when we deal with Depp feelings. Lack of work and money leaded me to land in my 43's at my mother's house for an year and a half. It should be noted: we never had a smooth relationship.

I deal with this intermittent cohabitation ( I lived in friends houses too), but I think it destroyed much of my brain, among other things.

Become multi-orgasmic

I used to be one of the worst I feel entitled to reply here...

 Since this is a place of knowledge I'm one to seek stuff out. Found Ross Aken's stuff. It's not here but it's really good. Covers everything.

Ask my girlfriend we literally spoon to entire movies.

What really used to piss me off was getting a girlfriend / few fb's. then building this awesome stamina and losing it once I hit a "dry patch".

Basically you don't have that anymore. Maybe the first time, which always sucks, but usually "just getting back into it"... the first girl isn't really a keeper anyway. Most of the time lol. You get your stamina back almost instantly if you ever stopped keeping up with it. Learn more about extenders at

It starts with a free course so you can check it out. I remember finding his stuff from a link in comments on a blog. Just use this link I still have the link I saved ---

But what's cool is once you get a few weeks in, you can literally control where you are. Of course you're not Jesus that can unleash his seed on command or anything like that, but you really get a sense of control. You get a bunch of insight and you can really understand what you're doing. I've experienced that lasting is a skill, and you can get to a point of conscious competence and eventually start leaning into unconscious competence. Your progress steamrolls.

 I doubt i'd be able to have kept my relationships as long as I had if I hadn't found his material. I'm crazy passionate about it. If there's one thing I can really share when it comes to meeting girls is being able to last. But its awk to talk about so ofc I don't.

Become multi-orgasmic. Learn more at

Realise you first have orgasm, then ejaculate. With strong pc-muscle you can block the ejaculation. Not sure if breathing necessary step, maybe. I think it helps. I didn't get you should contract pc-muscle for like 10-15 seconds.

I think Kriya Yoga has helped me also with this.

Quite a new skill for me. Never really worked for me, but now it does. Stop thinking of sex as a means to an end (orgasm). To do this, you have to train your mind. That's what the fap-stop technique does. The aim of the fap-stop technique is to become proficient in knowing what is your point of no return. You have to train your mind so that you're able to stop yourself when you want to.

Here's how it works: Fap till you're about to orgasm, and just before you reach the point of no return, stop. Keep doing this. Eventually, you'll get blue balls, which is fine because you're training yourself.

Another good thing about this technique, is that if you get yourself to the point of no return and stop, and repeat, eventually, when you do decide that you want to orgasm, your orgasm will be a lot more intense.

Do this while having sex. As soon as you're about to cum, stop. If stopping doesn't help, pull out. During the time you take to recover, you can: change positions, go down on the girl, or finger her. Mix it up.

Another thing you might want to try: control your thrusts. Don't thrust all the way in every time. Do 10 half thrusts and then a full thrust. This will feel awesome for your gf too. Randomize the full thrusts so she doesn't know when to expect it. Keep practicing.

Does Vigrx Plus Work or is it just a placebo?

Does Vigrx Plus Work or is it just a placebo? I just want to read you this one passage from Seth Godin's book on placebo. He wrote an ebook on placebo. And he is one of the top marketers in the world, one of the top bloggers. Not associated with medicine at all, but definitely a forward thinker and someone that I really admire. I just want to read you this part from the book and get your thoughts on it. He says, "Let's start with just with just one clear scientific study on male libido boosters to dispel anyone inclined to be skeptical. In not one, but two extremely rigorous studies of low libido—one of the most expensive and pernicious ailments of an aging population— researchers found that Vigrx Plus was twice as effective as traditional medicine, western medicine techniques, interesting. More fascinating, fake libido boosters was statistically as effective as real ones. The cost effectiveness here is so clear that it's a no-brainer to prescribe acupuncture to every lower back pain sufferer.

Might as well do the real kind, since there is nowhere to send people who want the placebo alternative." He says, "If a placebo can change the way wine tastes and the way that your back feels, why is it something that makes us squeamish to discuss? We've built a secret moat around the placebo, placed a taboo about talking about it, and diminished its role in our lives. It's almost as though we expect that talking about the placebo will make it go away, whereas research shows this isn't true. The placebo is so powerful it has no need to hide." I just think that’s such a great piece that he's written there. I think it's so powerful. Learn more about Vigrx Plus at

 And I think that part of my thought of the evolution of medicine if we've got to start with the least invasive and least costly things first. And if those things don't work then we can go to the much higher cost things. But if you've got a thirty-one percent chance of the drug working and a thirty percent chance of the placebo, let's just start with the placebo. It's free. We can see how we can maximize it and maybe take it higher to thirty where we see it in some scientific experiments where it's eighty. Let's get that up and do that. And then we can work with the more costly interventions afterwards and the more invasive interventions. Learn more about extenders at

It seems sensible from an economics point of view, from a health point of view, from an empowerment point of view, from just an efficiency point of view that we have to start with the least invasive things first. And I think the placebo is the least invasive of all therapies.

We also have to look at not just the monetary cost, although that is a big important thing, particularly in places like the UK where I am because the National Health Service is at breaking point now. And the latest survey of it that worked on it this year concluded that it's not working in any regard. And there are so many side effects from medication given out in correctly prescribed drugs and so many deaths from them…I think it's their leading cause of death in America, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association .

And it could be even higher now. But we have to look at the cost to patients. The drugs for chronic problems are in the main not working. And by working, I mean not curing. And not only are they not curing, they're causing many unacceptable side effects. And we also know that a lot of the science—you brought up science—a lot of the science around drug-based medicine has been demonstrated to be fraudulent.

Vitamins That Boost Your Sperm

There are a variety of vitamins that boost your sperm count. Plenty of it. Very careful with zinc. Not anymore, I would go on the low end, rather than the high end. 20 milligrams to 50 milligrams of zinc. Celery seed ground up, you could just use a spice grinder and buy celery seed. You can get it on Amazon, or somewhere and grind it up. It definitely works. If you don't grind it up it will hurt your stomach or your gut; it's not really good for you. Grind it up and mix it up. Next thing you do is gelatin or collagen. Collagen is totally soluble in water. You just dissolve it and drink. Gelatin you got to dissolve it in cold water and soak it for 20 minutes. Then add very hot water and dissolve it and then let it cool and drink. It's a lot more of a hassle.

Oysters have an actual physiological based reason. A wax lasts about six to eight weeks, and you don't get the razor burn. You don't get any razor burn with a wax. The biggest problem with waxing is that you can get ingrown hairs from waxing. The problem with waxing is that it goes on the scrotum, a man's testicles are very sensitive. If you want to have a clean scrotum, I wouldn't necessarily do wax myself. You can wax around the rest of it and then shave that. Yeah, yeah.

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There just a lot of... In this area where I live, near Philadelphia, there's a lot of what they call European waxing center. If you don't know what that means, that means they specialize in the genital area.

Okay, now we know what those are. You could do it yourself, and it really works great. No problems with it. It looks better. I think some people say it looks better. Some people decry it as... It could look better. It certainly makes a man look bigger. It makes his penis look bigger. There's no question about that.

They're very high in glycine, which is extremely helpful for big loads and for overall health. In addition, you got to get some copper in you. Utilizable copper, because when you have zinc, you need to have copper, or you'll have a large copper shortage. You need to have cow's liver, or beef liver, or oysters, or both once a week. It's very hard to get enough copper and other trace elements otherwise. Add about one, to three tablespoons of sugar, or honey for taste. Mix it all up and drink it down. Then you will start having big loads really quickly, like in a few days. It's amazing; it's really amazing. That's the formula for that. This will also help your body overall. It's just good for your health. You'll find it very useful.

Last thing I want to mention the oral sex protocol, which is just for taste. If you want a woman to give you oral sex Smoking, alcohol, meat and asparagus seem to be bad for taste, especially asparagus.

The Power of Extenders For Growth

What we're going to do, we're going to cover in these videos. We're going to go over how to fix your testosterone, how to get bigger and straighter, increase semen loads and we're going to cover things like infections in the prostate, bladder, urinary tract infections. We're going to cover everything having to do with having a bigger, badder and better experience as the owner of a penile extender.

Increasing length and girth safely. Fixing a bent schlong, a Peyronie’s. Doubling, or tripling cum loads. Raising testosterone, lowering estrogen because estrogen is a problem for most men. A lot of men have fine testosterone levels, but their estrogen is too high, and the effect is erectile dysfunction, low libido, low confidence levels, mental fog, and confusion, and it's because of the estrogen, not the testosterone. We're going to share you how to do that. We're going to show you to fix problems with cum, with semen. Bad taste, low volume, so you're going to have a very large volume of semen if you want that. You'll certainly have healthy levels of semen, rather than small amounts right now. Taste is something that women pay attention to.

Learn more about extenders at

Taste is something they pay attention to, so we'll show you how to improve the taste, so it's really good and fixing infections. We're going to talk about that. That's what we're going to be covering right now. Let's get to it. The testosterone problem is really this. When you have testosterone, your body turns it into estrogen. They call it aromatization, a process of testosterone turning into estrogen. That's why if you get extra testosterone like from the doctor, you'll actually have more estrogen as well because the testosterone that's put into your body turns into estrogen. Estrogen is kind of a bummer for guys. That's the problem with testosterone, because what happens is, estrogen also creates high prolactin. Prolactin suppresses erections and lowers libido. There's another problem with testosterone in that, a lot of people have too much stress hormone going on, the cortisol. Learn more about extenders at

The production of cortisol cannibalizes the body's production of testosterone. If you have stress hormones, a lot of cortisol, you're going to have low testosterone. lfyou have high testosterone, you'll probably have low cortisol. You need to cut down cortisol, cut down estrogen. Most men have a way to high estrogen and a way to high cortisol so that it interfered with their testosterone and gives them erection problems. That's the problem with testosterone that we're going to solve.

I want to mention we're going to get a lab test going. A couple of things. They have this invention called free testosterone. They say, "Free testosterone is the only kind that's useful, we're going to look at free testosterone." It's just nonsense. Total testosterone is what's counts in your lab test, total testosterone. The free testosterone is this made up thing that they do in the lab. It's nothing to do with reality. Furthermore, I want to mention that DHT, is actually the active form of testosterone. Testosterone slowly turns into DHT in your body and DHT is what creates erections and powerful sex drive, and some things interfere with testosterone turning into DHT. The noted one that does that is finasteride. That's one reason why finasteride, which is sold for prostrate and for hair growth is a really bad thing. You don't want to interfere with that at all.